About the Graphics interface

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  • Graphics interface
    • Definition: Refers to the computer's independent graphics card hardware connection location, the interface type refers to the video card and the motherboard connection type of interface
    • Different interfaces bring different performance to the graphics card and must be consistent to use the interface
    • Graphics interface determines the maximum bandwidth between the video card and the system
  • Interface type
    • The graphics interface can be divided into four types
      • Signal Input/Output interface
      • Bus interface
      • Upgradeable interface
      • Power connector
    • Signal Input/Output interface
      • The video card will show that the signal is processed and transmitted to the monitor by the signal input and output interface.
      • VGA interface, D-sub interface
        • The width under the narrow, like inverted write D, commonly known as the D-type head, in order to facilitate installation, will not plug the reverse, 3 rows of 15-pin signal lines, transmission is analog signal
        • Bandwidth limitations, poor image quality, almost eliminated
      • DVI interface mainly transmits digital signal
      • S-video interface
      • HDMI interface Hi difinition multimedia Interface High Definition Multimedia interface
        • Digital video and audio interface technology
        • Maximum Transmission 5Gbps
        • Large transmission bandwidth, high output resolution, easy connection, digital signal, low attenuation, suitable for HD video output
      • DisplayPort interface
        • High-definition digital display interface standard, free trial use, do not require a large licensing fee, the first bandwidth reached 10.8gb/s
    • Bus interface
      • Pci
      • Agp
      • Pci-e
    • Upgradeable interface
      • Since the customer purchased the motherboard for the cost, the motherboard products with integrated display chip are selected, but because the motherboard of some integrated display chip does not have an AGP slot, it is troublesome to upgrade the graphics card.
      • So some motherboard vendors develop interfaces that are compatible with AGP graphics cards
      • such as AGI and Agu interface

About the Graphics interface

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