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  Q: The home desktop computer is connected to the wireless router via a network cable, and then the mobile phone is connected to the wireless router. If the virus in the mobile phone, will infect the same network in the desktop computer? Conversely, computer poisoning can infect mobile phone?

And if the router set up in the MAC address filtering function, is not even if someone cracked my router password is not even on my router?

  A : No, the computer and mobile phone operating system is not the same, the general virus can not run across different systems, even windows and Windows Phone, even the same operating system of different versions, and some viruses are incompatible, not to mention the mobile virus, Leave the invalid file at most, because it is useless to run it.

MAC filtering is basically what you say, but if he even cracked the Mac (by whatever means get a legitimate MAC address), the security is still high, how high, three or four floors tall.

By the way, different mobile phone systems between the virus can not be contagious, such as Android, Symbian, iOS virus is not universal, before some mobile anti-virus software to do the virus broadcast consciously or unconsciously ignore this point, make everyone think the phone is everywhere virus, scared desperately to install mobile phone anti-virus software, In fact, still 108,000 miles away.

  Q: If multiple phones are connected to a router at the same time, one of the phones is poisoned, will it infect other mobile phones?

  A : first of all to see whether these phones are the same system, and then to see what is the virus, see the transmission principle of the virus, if only through SMS or download software transmission, rather than through WiFi transmission, will not infect each other, If there is a virus similar to the use of local area networks infected with worms, may be infected with each other, but seems to have not seen such a wide range of reports.

The virus is not omnipotent, it has his own personality, can not generalize, so generally do not have to worry too much, if your application is from the formal market download (many formal markets have to provide security checks), the unknown MMS does not open, basically will not be poisoned, the most is you put the phone memory card to the computer, Then the infection is only a computer virus, as a U disk infection, not necessarily for the mobile phone, and it can run on the phone, see the previous answer. As for whether the use of computers to release mobile phone virus to connect the phone, in theory should be no problem, but this depends on efficiency, after all, the use of downloading the application of the way more convenient for the public.

  Q: two an Android phone if you can transfer files through a wireless router, then you should have a chance to infect a virus if you transfer files to each other.

  A : the transmission of documents will not be poisoned, the first to see whether the virus is transmitted through this way, the second read the file is not already included virus.

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