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Microsoft released the activeSync4.5 version (download address: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?displaylang=zh-cn&FamilyID= 9e641c34-6f7f-404d-a04b-dc09f8141141), but Vista is still unable to use, checked, the original Vista under the use of Microsoft Mobile Device Center (click here to download: http:// Download.microsoft.com/download/c/f/2/cf2e986b-015a-4f0e-92ff-75f461f6e48e/drvupdate-x86.exe), looked up on the internet and found this article.

Vista is the latest operating system released by Microsoft, and the new Vista does give us a refreshing feel in terms of usability, beauty and everything else. So do you know that he has an unusual relationship with the Windows Mobile mobile operating system?

The Vista system itself provides a powerful mobile device management center, especially for the smart handheld devices of its own operating system. We don't need to install ActiveSync Sync software anymore in Vista, because Vista has integrated a mobile device management tool, which is Windows Mobile Device Center. He can effectively manage the connection and data transmission of mobile devices and Vista systems. Let's take a look at the next version of Windows Mobile Device Center, the first time.

Windows Mobile Device Center (Windows Mobility Devices Centre)

Before Vista was born, we had to connect our Windows Mobile based Smartphone or PPC and XP systems successfully through a software called ActiveSync, which was developed by Microsoft, but the software was weak, Only can realize the simple data transmission function, moreover the interface display also is not intuitive.

The Windows Mobile Device Center is built into the vista system, and through this mobile device Management Center we can quickly connect to mobile devices and easily manage the data in mobile devices. You can directly manipulate programs that are saved on a mobile device, unlike ActiveSync, which must be copied and pasted to your local hard drive to run, and the center of Windows Mobile devices and the image center of Vista, the AV Video Center is a good combination, we can easily achieve the image, video, The purpose of the audio sent to the mobile device.

installation of Windows Mobile Device Center

Although many users have discovered the presence of Windows Mobile Device Center after installing Vista, many users like the author have not found Windows Mobile Device Center icon in Control Panel. So I think the Windows Mobile Device Center is released as a patch.

Of course, if we are concerned about the installation of the Microsoft patch will bring version verification issues can be downloaded directly from the Web site Windows Mobile Device Center, click to download the Chinese version of Windows Mobile Device Center

With Windows Mobile Device Center still in Beta 3 testing, I believe the official version of Windows Mobile Device Center will bring more new ideas and convenience to users.

First step: Download the Windows Mobile Device Center installer and double-click to run it.

Step two: After installation, you will automatically install the current mobile device connected to Vista system.

Step three: At the same time in the Vista system control Panel we will see the icon named "Windows Mobile Device Center", similar to a target.

Fourth step: The first run will appear a consent to the License Agreement window, we click the "Accept" button can be.

Fifth step: The system will then automatically start the Windows Mobile Device Center device Centre.

Small tip:

If you decide to install Windows Mobile Device Center in your native vista system, you must not attempt to install ActiveSync, on the one hand ActiveSync program will not work properly, because he is not a vista system software On the other hand, the program may also cause problems with Windows Mobile Device Center device centric conflict.

third, the system management of mobile devices
As with the ActiveSync Sync Tool, the Windows Mobile Device Center Mobile device hub is running for the first time, and you need to set up how the device is connected. We click on the "Mobile Device Settings" icon, and then according to the actual situation to choose whether based on USB connection or infrared, Bluetooth, as well as the implementation of the device and the system automatic connection, these settings and ActiveSync in the same as not detailed.

Setting up mobile devices
When we connect to the mobile device and the vista system by connecting to the media we will be in the "Computer" (my
To see the presence of a portable device, the device name is the same as the name of the mobile device that the user is setting.

Diagram in Computer

Small tip:
Right-click on the device icon to select Properties to see some basic information about the device.
We'll open it right after double-clicking on the mobile device icon, and unlike ActiveSync, the new Windows Mobile Device Center will automatically put mobile devices
Card space, network space, system with
The space is differentiated so that users do not have confusing problems.

Open Device Center
In addition, the mobile Device Management Center in Vista system can transfer the image to the mobile device quickly, we just need to select "Import Picture" on the device icon, so the system will automatically scan the local
Hard disk
Of all picture files, and then by the user selection import, realize the search to import one-stop function.

Import Pictures and videos
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