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Web|web2 "The best way to create a successful business is to help others make money." "Topix.net Rich Skrenta explained AOL's policy, saying
4ksu9k&rj!jpforum.techweb.com.cn "I'm on a lot of news sites because I don't believe in any of them." "17-Year-old Sean explained how he read the news online. hearsay, insider, complaint, material, clue qj$\._*bif
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"When you're in college, MySpace doesn't even have anything," says Sasha, a 18-year-old high School graduate. forum.techweb.com.cn (k6@hfv\ $f 6M z;r
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"Build, learn, and err in the course of your development – you will learn more in the process of doing things, not before you do it." "Jason Fried of 37Signals, he embraced the iterative development model (iterative development). techweb-Industry Forum) q/zk+d%g{') s
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"In 5-10 years, the value of the media will be in the companies that nurture the users, not the companies that control the content." "Kleiner Perkins's former partner, Vinod Khosla, said.

"ebay has 150 million users, ideally, 150 million people have learned how to trust strangers." "ebay's founder, Pierre Omidyar, believes that business can drive positive social change."

techweb-Industry Forum 3H@8ADN"I like Google Best, because they are the cleanest." Other sites are trying to take your attention away from you. There will be no gain from going to those websites. "The 18-year-old Sasha explains why adapting to user habits is much smarter than forcing them to adapt to your coming."

"Our success has nothing to do with the ' good ideas ' of our presidents," he said. "Google founder Sergey Brin more like the wisdom of the group.

"We don't know what we're doing in 96% of the time," he said. "Flickr founder Stewart Butterfield thinks the remaining 4% is enough to make many people very happy.

"Hiring a lawyer to sue is much simpler than being creative," said Michael Powell, a former FCC chairman, explaining why companies that provide content services sue their customers.

"I told my engineers that no matter how smart you are, there are more people outside the company who are smarter than you, so we need to provide them with tools to innovate." "Omidyar also like the wisdom of the group.

"Traditionally, the more people think, the better. More may be possible, but it will be painful, expensive and cold. Look at those who go to the black road, can not compete with others. "Fried has created several new words.

Proving that the world is completely different from the original digital age: Suppose you buy a CD player, where do you buy it? "What is a CD player," says Sean, 17, who is confused? ”

"The more money you give to a company, the less likely they are to succeed." "Khosla said

"Consumers in general don't know the difference between browsers, the Internet and the search box. "Mitchell Baker of the Mozilla Foundation offers this view

"We think anyone who comes to the concert is equal and they are involved in the creation of music," he said. Grateful Dead, Mickey Hart of the band, said. techweb-Industry Forum uxpb! LI

"The first element of our success is luck. We follow our hearts and choose search because it is both interesting and fun. "Brin explains how to create Google.

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