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What kind of knowledge and skills should the web administrator possess? The implementer of network management is generally called a network administrator. Therefore, the knowledge required for network management in this article is actually referred to as a qualified network administrator, all kinds of knowledge and skills. In the big aspect, network planning and design, Network Equipment bidding, system integration, and other matters are important aspects to test the overall quality of network administrators, you need to know how to install, configure, and debug the network devices and devices purchased by Alibaba Cloud to ensure the normal and stable operation of the LAN and the rational use of network management software. Some people compare network administrators to "Handyman" on the enterprise network, which fully demonstrates the heavy lifting and necessity of network management. 1. The network administrator should keep in mind that basic network knowledge related to the network is the prerequisite for carrying out all network management work. The model of theoretical knowledge will inevitably lead to incomplete actual work. Generally, the following basic knowledge needs to be mastered: 1. What is the network topology? The topology is divided into bus, Star, ring, and mesh. Where are the advantages and disadvantages of each structure? How to Implement the establishment? 2. Basic Network Configuration Methods for various protocols, such as the most basic TCP/IP protocol network. 2. The basic personal abilities of network administrators should improve the daily benefits of the network and require that network management work be able to keep up with the development needs. Therefore, in actual work, network managers must pay attention to improving their own capabilities. 1. Must have a certain degree of English reading ability, can master a large number of computer professional word tokens, so as to be able to smoothly read the original White Paper and Technical materials , The most important thing is to understand the network equipment and management software manual, understand the latest development trends of network technology. 2. Good language skills. Network Management itself serves internal enterprises and needs to communicate with leaders, colleagues, peers, and vendors frequently. Good language skills help improve work efficiency and improve your position in the enterprise. 3. Be hardworking. To ensure the normal operation of the Intranet and Internet, the network administrator must be ready to solve the problem at any time. Network administrators have irregular working hours and sometimes need to do some manual work. It is impossible to be competent without a hard-working spirit. 4. Excellent Group collaboration skills. A lot of work involves multiple links and requires multi-person collaboration. Good team collaboration is a basic quality for network administrators. 3. The network administrator should clarify the responsibilities of Network Management in two parts: 1. Internet work. It mainly includes enterprise Internet access, IDC host hosting, and network equipment maintenance. 2. Enterprise LAN work. It mainly works in the enterprise's internal LAN, such as machine rooms, servers, computer peripherals for office purposes, and purchase, maintenance, and management of equipment, network Maintenance, anti-virus, and mail settings management. In general, the daily work scope and process are generally: the initial Enterprise Network Formation (network topology structure, physical hardware selection and network protocol selection ); then there is the construction of network resources (the establishment of enterprise post office construction, enterprise websites, enterprise FTP sites, BBS platforms, and VPN networks), or the upgrade of network hardware and software. Of course, it also includes daily network failure detection and maintenance (including hardware and software) and network security protection and management. 4. The basic personal technologies of network administrators must improve the quality of network management, which is inseparable from the skills of network administrators. You can visually divide network manager skills into hard and soft skills. 1. Hard network environment planning capabilities. The preliminary planning and design of a network will directly turn off the efficiency of subsequent operations. After mastering the necessary basic knowledge, the network administrator can plan and control the network environment, is a required individual skill. The maintenance capability of the network device. For example, the configurations of routers, switches, and hardware fire prevention routers are dominated by Cisco brands. In addition, you must learn and debug the command statements of these devices to develop security policies, configure network devices and security devices according to actual needs so that they can achieve the best and best effect. 2. Learn about the general installation and configuration methods of the network operating system in terms of flexibility. In the early days of Windows NT server, network operating systems were widely used as Windows 2000/2003 servers. Apart from windows, UNIX and Linux systems are also common network operating systems for enterprises. Among them, Unix systems include Sun Solaris, HP-UX, ibm aix, and Linux systems such as RedHat and Hongqi. Skilled configuration and use of application software. Enterprises often build their own web, FTP, email, and other Internet-based services. This requires specialized application services to build software, skilled configuration and efficient post-maintenance are naturally an important part of network management. In addition, some internal video, game, BBS application services, as well as the installation and operation of network anti-virus software on servers/clients in the LAN, network administrators are responsible for the management and maintenance of financial software, office systems, management information systems, ERP and other application systems of enterprises. Be good at using specialized network management software. Network management software often provides functions such as troubleshooting, user account management, and permission management. To reduce heavy labor and improve work efficiency, the network management software can be used properly to monitor the operation of the entire network, understanding Network Services and users is a very efficient management method. Data security and disaster recovery. To protect data security and improve data availability, enterprises must consider raid protection, redundant structure, data backup, and fault warning. In general, data security measures can be taken from installing anti-virus software, enabling the automatic update function of the system, installing the intrusion detection system, and limiting the opening of server ports. In addition, regular data backup and historical storage are an essential part of network system security construction. Conclusion: As a manager of an enterprise network, the basic skills and responsibilities to be completed are very heavy and important. In this case, network managers need to consider their own quality and sense of responsibility. In order to make the entire network management work tense and orderly, it is essential to constantly accumulate experience in solving network problems.

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