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ACM concluding remarks _ by aekdycoin after the completion of the five divisions in mainland China, all the major bulls have issued retired posts, summary posts, or merit success, or fail to survive, this may create various "zombie bombing" events next year. In order to consider the possibility that I will become a "zombie" next year after I release my retired post, I changed my name to "summary Post", not to mention the details of the game, not to mention the journal account of the game, privilege is a bit of a record of ACM life in my undergraduate career ......

(1) entry

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========================================================== ========================================================== ======================================

A notice on the bottom wall of a dormitory attracted my attention... is the Fifth session of Fuzhou University Program Design Competition registration notice... at that time, I did not know what the game was about. I just thought it was the use and debugging of functions of the program. but I didn't expect the words I used .... there were too many differences between VB/Delphi, Delphi, and Pascal. At that time, I found that the competition could use the C language, so I started learning the C language book that I had never played before...
The learning process was very hard. For those I didn't listen to in class last semester, it was a nightmare for me who used to be object-oriented programming.
Well, it's not easy to get rid of the book and there's no end to it. At that time, wawawa wanted to see the accepted
I found my feeling when I was studying VB in my freshman year, so I started to answer questions in a strange and puzzled way.
(Other students have not enabled their network numbers, so the number of people on the computer is less than that on the computer. I am very eye-catching when I do not play games ..)
A non-computer professional is in front of a computer all day. They all suspect that I have reported a professional error ..

I met Zhang Niu a few days later. Thank you for guiding me in my entry stage...
I also met yayamao and learned a lot about the freshman year...
Feeling of inferiority
At that time, in the face of so many questions that others seem to be "water problems", I can only reluctantly wa again and again, tenacious wa ....
In the face of those who won the provincial championship in elementary school, I am only a fearless struggle in the Age of old people ..

I tried to give up many times, but I was comforted by Dr. Zhang, who gave me confidence...
Finally, I finally bought my first algorithm book (very expensive ...)
Suddenly found a lot of unintelligible...
At this time, Zhang Niu gave me guidance.
Learning is coming soon
It seems that what he said is justified. Baidu has read him, and there are countless stories of Niu... orz ......

In yayamao's fight, I started to answer questions... in fact, I did less than 100 questions ..
The gap between yayamao and yayamao is still very big.
Orz... again...

Finally, I canceled the registration because I had no algorithm at all.

I don't believe that later users can't live in. I don't believe that God won't give a small opportunity to those who work hard. I believe in myself ......... yayamao 1% (joke -_-)

I feel that I have gained a lot in the past month, and I understand a little bit of hair (not yet skin ...)

But I insist on that everything will be better after hard work.
I think I will have no regrets after my efforts. Although the gap with the ox is very big, I hope that the future will be unknown. I believe this very much...

I, a bird who can't eat any more food, have a strong motivation after looking up at the great achievements of his predecessors. I wrote the next achievement in the efforts of my predecessors...
The predecessors worked very hard. I think I will work harder. 90 packets of instant noodles can be tried (VB is here ...)

I can't say it anymore ..
Everybody wishes me this cainiao
I also hope this post will become a starting point for myself.
Coming soon

Finally, I would like to thank Niu
By the way

========================================================== ========================================================== ======================================

(2) entry level B

In the winter of 09, I met Sha Zai.
At that time, it seemed that he had just entered the HDU's school team. It seemed that he had barely asked 600 questions. (PS. I seem to have done 60 questions at the time)

I asked him if he was 08. My God is so amazing.

During the winter vacation, HDU actually had many internal DIY competitions (internal competitions), but for various evil reasons, I seem to have been defeated, in fact, is it all destroyed ......

During this period, Sha Zai's strength was still very good.

(3) entry level C

Looking back at this competition, I learned ACM.
Finally, I got in touch with ACM and felt that the time had passed ..
I came to the data center early today and found a hacker -.-
I asked a question to know that it was the seat number ~ It's amazing that the same data center as VGE and yayamao ....

We adapted to the system before the start of the competition and found that we wanted to use _ int64... normally, foj said long... Yx.

In general, the question is difficult, that is, the atmosphere at the scene leads to a shortage of others. It takes a long time for the first question to come out, and my BS will do it myself ..
I did my last question in zoj. I had no idea about the AC question during the competition...
A. Mode
Given a set of numbers, find the number with the most occurrences. If there are multiple answers, then the output is small.
The data scale is:
Element count <= 100
Element in [-100,100]
This question was instantly killed by countless scalpers ..
It can be used for direct hash or brute-force statistics, and the data size is too small.
Ms questions, which can be said to be the simplest question in this competition
Slow execution is discriminated against -_-!!
B. parentheses
Given a string, There is only '(',')'
Assume that it has already been matched, then the output is directly
Otherwise, output results that are not matched and matched
) (// These cannot match
() // Output the matched string above

Simple stack Application
I will not describe how to infer whether the exact match exists.
The following describes how to match the so-called "unmatched strings"
Let's take the above example.
Such a string must be
A. Only '('
B. Only ')'
C. It is divided into two parts: the first part is ')' and the later part is '('
Only when the three conditions are met does the matching fail.
Therefore, it is very easy to calculate the number of ')', and then output the number of '(') 'before entering these '('
Then count the number of '(', and then output the same number ')'

C. Number of Equations
Given a set (up to 5000 in size), all the numbers in it are not the same. We hope to find the three numbers A, B, and C that meet the requirements of a + B = C.
The logarithm that must meet the conditions
For instance
3 1 2 5
Apparently there are 1 + 2 = 3, 2 + 3 = 5, so ANS is 2
Because numbers are unique, I use a hash table to solve the problem:
Enumerative A and B use the constant time to query whether a + B exists. If yes, whether it is equal to one of A and B. If not, then it can be regarded as one.
The time complexity is about O (N ^ 2)

D. binary digits
Given a number (n <= 10 ^ 1000), the number of M must not be greater than that of m with a maximum value of 1. The number of hexadecimal digits of M is as many as that of N, the output is small.
First, let's look at small data.
12-> 1100
Obviously, 11 is the solution, because 11-> 1011
So what should I do?
Obviously, after converting the number into a binary system, start from the highest bit and find the first '1' (the highest bit is not counted) and change it to 0. Why? This ensures that the number after the change is smaller than the original number, and then the entire number after the position is changed to 1.
So we get a solution m'
But, it must be more than the original n
15-> 1111
According to the above rules, 1011 is returned.
Apparently, the answer is only 15, and four are '1'
So you can

The most (Omitted countless "most") Disgusting of this question is the high-precision implementation. It uses division, Mod, addition, multiplication...
It seems that something went wrong with Java ?, This question wastes a lot of time and leads to tragedy.

E. Simple BFS
F. I didn't see it. It is said that it is simple, just a very disgusting simulation question... fortunately, I didn't see it :(
G. Strange Array
Calculate the sum in [0 .. lcm (asize, bsize)-1] and calculate it using the Sum Formula of the proportional series (the key to the proportional ratio is the I/bsize of the power)
Use the formula(A/B) % C = (a % (B * C)/BTo do this ..
H. Maximum Tree Height
This is the most failed part of this competition. It's silly to have done it in the zoj competition, and it was still in the competition ..
Ah ~
The vertices with a direct enumeration degree of 1 can be
Min For The Last node number and Max for the depth
(In some cases, the above algorithm will tle... continue to think about ing ...)
The following is the wzc shiniu algorithm.
Select a point, find the longest path from it, and then click the endpoint. This can prove to be true.* & % & ^ % ^ & (Ignore 2 ^ inf)

In general, it will be much better than the previous on-site questions, at least not so nervous. It's a good official competition ~ I also posted the question book, great, and saw the ll of WS in the meantime... the last 470 points of awkwardly ending. I don't know what it is. Wait for the final result ~

I have reached the first anniversary of ACM. I thought I could not do anything at the beginning. It was the competition that brought me into contact with ACM. Here, I would like to thank you for helping my Daxia, VGE, yayamao... thank you for asking me questions that seem silly and naive today. Thank you :) A:-100 <n <100 hash count
B: Get a stack. After pairing, assume that the stack is empty and the original string is output. Otherwise, the stack content is output. Assume that the stack contains ')' and the left side fill '(', assume that the stack contains '(', complement on the right ')'. output.
C: sort, enumerate C, A get the array header, B get the end of the array, and indent the two ends to find all a + B = C;
D; high precision. convert it to a binary system. We can find 2nd 1 numbers starting from the high position. If there is no 0 output after this 1, otherwise we will change this 1 to 0, and then all the numbers will be 1, the output is in hexadecimal format.
E: simple BFS + simple DP...
F: if you cannot understand the question, we suggest you find a Snake game to play with. After you write this question, you will probably be able to develop a Snake Game by yourself...
G: temporarily not done...
H: Use the origin point to BFs to find the node with the deepest depth and the smallest number. Get the correct answer from this node BFs.

(4) Quick Start

It's so painful. You have nothing to do and Sha Zai have a fight in HDU.

HDU's first "Old cainiao Cup" Open programming competition can be said to be my first question ......

Why did cainiao grow up? D? Dhdu's first "Old cainiao Cup" programming open

This ...... What is the first question? Various errors, such as data scale non-conforming data, are emerging one after another, causing many people to be depressed in this competition.

(5) Quick Start

Fjnu school competition, the first on-site team competition before entering the school

-_-The original purpose was only to familiarize yourself with the team formation mode.
The following is a simple example of today's competition.
Obviously, today's shortcomings are exposed, because the Team status has not been found at the beginning, resulting in the failure to issue a question in the previous hour ....
It wasn't until I got the first orange balloon at 10: 13: 441y.
Of course, at this time, a lot of teams next to me had three questions-_-yming...
Whatever it is, there is still no pressure-_-after all, it is not for any purpose, but to experience the atmosphere ~
G. I introduced the formula and submitted 1y to get the yellow balloon. At that time, there were already countless teams passing through this question ....
A. After the wavelet discussion with me, I used the O (N ^ 4) algorithm 1y to get the pink balloon :). In fact, I was totally able to O (N ^ 3)
However, at this time, a team had four questions-_-... it wasn't long before the team had five questions... Continue yming ..
PH writes B inexplicably wa several times ..
Finally, I got a blue balloon.
12:47:05, F, Nim +, ask SG, 1y for water, and get the first purple balloon in the audience
Finally, I admire Xiaobo. After debugging a few times, I got the ac h and got the green balloon that someone else had got for a long time.

I ended in the last 6 questions: 3, Xiaobo 2, pH 1
The problems exposed in the first team should be regarded as experience -_-
At the same time, a ym team crossed F in the last two minutes and climbed to the Summit.
PS. fjnu volunteers are very enthusiastic ~ Thanks to them :)

PS: Xiaobo (zwb), chijing (ph)

The first has been successfully guaranteed to the Chinese Emy of Sciences, and the second seems to be Alibaba now (I am currently in the middle of the Three ?...... T_t)

(5) entry level

2 semi-finals

When I retired for another year, countless Daniel who had previously asked questions officially retired after this year's semi-finals. I'm sad...

Departure on April 9
After buying a group of snacks and bringing them to the train, I suddenly found that the sleeper of the train is totally different from the sleeper in YY. In such a small place, I really don't know how I squeezed in, it was very hot when I went there, and I was woken up several times in the evening. I almost had nothing to eat and felt dizzy for a whole day. so I went to Wuchang a few more hours after I went to bed. Thanks to the text message from HH and Liu Yang ~

Opening ceremony on March 13, October 31
Whu volunteers are indeed a minority of mm, so now I suddenly think of a volunteer male who is now opening the opening ceremony, acronyms, scenes... Why can one person be seen so many times -_-

Okay, so the warm-up question is really an old question. Obviously, it's just a simple question. As for B, it's wa several times after yy, c doesn't mean to read it at all (hash is useless ~, Seriously respect small HH and use C)

November 1, the good date is indeed very brave.

Not long after the opening, I suddenly saw a pink balloon, so I went to see C immediately, but suddenly I found that the description of the question is more elegant than I did not understand it for a long time, later, my teammates passed the question before I understood it... so next, let's look at a simulation question and G, which is simpler than NLP. The simulation question is 1y, and g leads to a wa because the question is wrong.
Below is B, because the teammate YY has a pretty orz construction scheme, so he used topic to finish spoof 2y (1st RESS are details), and then H, h. I realized it was DP at first glance, but obviously I couldn't write it, so the team leader is 2y after yy. At this time, we ranked 10th... I saw the hope of gold... I found that e can still be done, so I started to get a cup and finally failed e. I ended this year's ACM competition in a bid.

There were two silver medals in the two competitions in Ningbo and Wuhan. whatever the outcome, this is a very good exercise for me .... so the next goal is very clear. Add more? Coding capability. Learn something new. I am still very fond of cooking. I just assume that I can only cook this dish without doing anything, but although I may still be very fond of it, I will not regret bless2 teammates at least, the cooperation was quite pleasant. I remembered that ACM was really fun for over 30 meals during the summer vacation.

Re. So I went over the review and completed the class I owe.

We are looking forward to aekdycoin's performance next year ~

(5) Quick Start

The two semi-finals in 2010 were summarized as follows: comrades still need to work hard ~

For the first time, the copper in Harbin is very consistent with the cup style. For the second time in Hangzhou division, I had a bad pot of porridge (t_t)

So after, it seems that I have gone to 4 semi-finals and 2 invitational competitions and the result is ......

(6) Quick Start

First contact with OI: passing by Ren qingoj, added a Inner Mongolia mm inquiry 01 backpack implementation

The first competition: the first old cainiao cup of HDU

First Field Competition: Ningbo Division

First group: Ningbo

Signature to be obtained for the first time: Your Own (-_-)

First apprentice: narutoacm


(7) about acm_diy (group: 48866438)

Acm_diy has now grown into a national famous big water group with tens of thousands of chat records. during this period, many weeping stories and strange quotations emerged. at the same time, the Group gathered acmer from dozens of colleges and universities across the country, including experts such as hhanger and HL. Various Baidu and Tencent male emerged in this group. I hope you will be interested in visiting this group. All acmers in this group are strictly managed to ensure the meat is delicious, non-toxic and harmless, and they are never added? Pigments and hormones!

[AC Daniel Chen Hong's ACM summary] [ID aekdycoin] people are also cainiao

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