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As we all know, in the use of computers will install various types of software, many software users do not know the default to open the background to run, so that the computer speed becomes more and more slow. Do you still have headaches when the computer is stuck to death? Accelerated life This practical computer system acceleration software can not only see which programs slow down the speed of the computer system, but also can clearly detect how much memory the program occupies, whether or not to occupy the network. We can use the acceleration of life to the system to optimize the overall acceleration, to maintain a smooth system clean!

Turn on the Accelerated Life software program Cleanup button, the current computer running the background program and how much memory it occupies can be seen at a glance, in the end who is causing the computer system slow the culprit immediately nowhere to hide. Can be recommended by one-click Accelerator, cleaning up the background program, or manually check the software you do not need to use. In the upper right of the interface we can clearly see the CPU, memory, system disk usage, the user can be targeted according to the actual situation optimization.

In addition to the background program cleanup can solve the computer speed problem, the Switch machine acceleration is also very critical; can be set up the boot start, the figure clearly can be seen, the boot automatically start the program, if you do not need to be able to prohibit this program. This function can optimize the startup of the switch machine, greatly improve the computer's boot speed.

Does your system disk stack up all kinds of files, is a "bloated" big fat? Accelerate the life of the system disk slimming function can automatically detect the folder can be cleaned up, help users to occupy the system disk space to clean up or transfer to the system disk, so as to achieve the system disk "thin body" effect. At the same time, the installed software program can be transferred to other disk, to solve the problem of C disk space is more conducive to the speed of computer operation, we may wish to detect detection, to see if your system disk "body light as Yan."

Now a lot of video sites in order to beautiful, piled up too many pictures, sound and flash animation effects, a Web page often move ge hundreds of K, for users, even in the network speed ideal state, also need nearly half a minute to load complete, how to do? Actually accelerates the life of the video acceleration function, This is the problem set, you can directly click on the immediate acceleration to complete the video acceleration, to bring you unprecedented fluency.

The use of accelerated life not only to the computer system optimization, but also to solve the problem of watching video card, I believe that the speed of the computer will have a rapid increase in leaps and bounds, do not spend money can get the best service.

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