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For well-known reasons, access is not in the top of large site applications, the main problem is that the volume of data can be almost impossible to index. When the data in access is too much, you can obviously feel the speed slows down, after 20,000 data, the slow can be compared with the snail. But as someone's epiphany, I thought of a solution to the problem with Access database hosting. Most like to engage in crooked puppet (another Thief program generator).

This solution is "Access composite Bearer" (I original word, really can not find a suitable description), simply said that the original database was stripped into multiple, as a master database with multiple secondary databases. Take what I've already realized. In the system of the novel, the novel information is stored in the main database, used for list retrieval, the novel chapter exists in the secondary database, each novel is independent of a database. Maybe that way you look a little blurry, we have to compare data, a novel station, Count 5 categories, each category 400 novels, each novel 300 chapters (in fact, many novels are more than 300 chapters), then the amount of data for 5X400X300=60 million data, this is only chapter data, the other is also a bibliography, Users, comments, and so on data, such a large amount of data, even MySQL or MSSQL to plan well. However, with access composite hosting, it will become 1 bibliographic database plus 2000 chapters database, each chapter database has 300 data, from only 300 records of access library reading, speed I think you can understand, even dynamic reading is definitely not slow. So, here's another key question, how to connect the main library with the auxiliary library, this is actually very simple, I used the novel system is to use the book purpose ID to name the database, the database opened and closed to make a function, what the chapter of the novel directly open the novel database on OK.

Let's talk about the pros and cons of the method. The advantage is very obvious, one, can do a lot of things before, access library can not do the novel system, and now do, but also can do a lot. Second, access is in the form of independent files, can be easily implemented composite bearer, other databases do not so convenient. Third, a database of only hundreds of data, read efficiency in no other database (such as MySQL, MSSQL). Its four, access general space support, versatility is very high, and the size is not limited to OH.

Then look at the shortcomings, first, the requirements of the programmer is also higher, the database planning must be improved, the database to use the execution of SQL statements to modify the format, do not understand the programming language people can not get. Second, data retrieval has always been flawed (for some article system, the novel system does not have this defect), can not carry out the whole library search, can only single library search.

Last night to this morning altogether spent 8 hours to make the system rough, sleep, the brain is a bit mixed, write a mess (in fact, I would not write, find a reason to block.) I hope you will not laugh at me. If you also have the idea of devious, you can also contact me oh.

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