Access macro control program 4. common macro operations

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Access macro control program 4. common macro operations

Access macro control program 4. common macro operations

Macro operations are very rich. If you just create a small database, the process of the program can be fully implemented using macros without using Visual Basic. Some operations do not have parameters (such as Beep), while some operations must specify parameters (such as OpenForm ). Generally, it is good to set operation parameters in the order of parameters, because selecting a parameter determines the selection of parameters after this parameter. Macro operation instructions: Beep uses a computer speaker to Beep. Close to Close the specified Microsoft Access window. If no window is specified, the activity window is closed. GoToControl moves the focus to the specific fields or controls in the open form, form data table, table data table, and query the current record in the data table. Maximize zooms in the activity window to fill it with the Microsoft Access window. This operation allows you to see as many objects as possible in the active window. Minimize reduces the activity window to a small title bar at the bottom of the Microsoft Access window. MsgBox displays message boxes containing warning information or other information. OpenForm opens a form and restricts the records displayed in the form by selecting the data input and window mode of the form. OpenReport: Open the report in the "design" view or print preview, or print the report immediately. You can also limit the records that need to be printed in the report. PrintOut prints activity objects in the database, and prints data tables, reports, forms, and modules. Quit exits Microsoft Access. The Quit operation can also specify whether to save database objects before exiting Access. Repadomainbject updates the screen of the specified database object. If no database object is specified, the active database object is updated. Update all recalculations of all controls including objects. Restore restores the maximized or minimized window to its original size. RunMacro running macro. This macro can be in a macro group. SetValue is used to set the values of fields, controls, or properties on Microsoft Access forms, forms, data tables, or reports. StopMacro stops the currently running macro.

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