Access routers using Padavan firmware from the extranet (Peanut Shell DDNS configuration tutorial)

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There is a router in the home that uses the old Mozie firmware (Padavan). In order to be able to access the router in the company, or the home computer, you need to configure a dynamic Domain name resolution (DDNS) for the router. The following steps are described.

1, apply for dynamic domain name Here I use the peanut shell dynamic Domain name resolution. First, apply for a dynamic domain name (for example: on the official website.
    • Address:

2, Configuration Peanut Shell Service

(1) The Web management interface of the router is first logged in through the browser.

(2) then click "Advanced Settings", "External network (WAN)", "Dynamic Domain name resolution (DDNS)", and related configuration.

    • Enable DDNS Service client: Open
    • Server: Custom
    • DDSN Server:
    • URL path for update:/ph/update?
    • Hostname: Fill in the dynamic domain name of our application
    • User name: Fill in the peanut Shell account number
    • Password: Fill in the Peanut Shell account password
    • Use secure HTTPS connection: no
(3) Next, on the port forwarding (UPnP) tab, add an external port (for example: 8888) to router 80 port forwarding. Because operators generally block 80 ports, we can access the Web Administration page via 8888 ports on the outside of the network. (4) When the above configuration is complete, the router can be accessed from the address on the outside.

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Access routers using Padavan firmware from the extranet (Peanut Shell DDNS configuration tutorial)

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