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The habit of intrinsic manipulation comes from all aspects, the most notable of which is the cultivation of the user from the most conventional controls. Usability can be helpful if you think more about the usage of these regular controls during the design process. The thought of optimizing your buddy selector before you can share it with you:

Original version

The user is such use of 1, click "Choose Friend", found the expanded Drop-down menu has a friend list appear; 2, in the list of friends to check the need for friends (if necessary to do appropriate counter-election operation); 3, the real experience, you will find that the 3rd step, suddenly overwhelmed. Do not know how the operation should proceed.

If you think about it, you will find

1. Next steps (gifts, sharing ...) has been blocked by the lower floating layer;

2, need to put the surface, but how to collect;

3, if you put it down, my choice of operation will be saved.

Think carefully, users in this place need to pay the brain, the root cause is in the design process of two user habits of the control (Drop-down menu, dialog box) did the integration, but the integration is not perfect, resulting in users can not rely on the inherent habit to complete the task.

Problem analysis

1, first

Before the user clicks "Choose a friend" and picks a friend, the design of this place conveys to the user the feeling of operating a droplist (Pull-down menu). But the user is accustomed to the Drop-down menu is a radio, select a menu will automatically pick up.

2, and then

The user begins to focus on the dropdown layer to select a friend. Because the check Drop-down menu is not closed, users automatically use the dialog control's usage habits to apply this surface layer. The use of dialog box must be the user after the operation is completed need to trigger the action to close the dialog box. And our design does not provide such an operation, so the user will begin to create confusion.

Solution direction:

1, as far as possible to weaken the droplist type;

2, in the surfacing layer to increase the operation of the floating layer.

Final Solution

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