Acer notebook can not find the mercury router WiFi, how to use the Tplink bridge method

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CC bought a 300M wireless broadband router in the east of Beijing Mercury mw300r, do not know is due to the new model, or the router is too bad, or Acer notebook wireless card is too bad, engaged in an afternoon, including the Reload wireless network card driver, update the latest wireless network card Atheros_wifi_ Drive, wireless network card model Atheros ar5b93, Wood has to solve the problem.

As shown below, there is no wireless network needed for CC.

There is no way, and then find a colleague borrowed a Tplink pocket without line by, bridged a bit, unexpectedly succeeded.

Of course, as shown above, wireless is not connected, is connected to the Internet network routing.

Concrete bridging method, as shown in the following figure:

1, the Setup Wizard, the next step the wizard can set the basic network parameters required for the Internet, click Next to continue. To set a feature or parameter in detail, click on the left column.

2, choose Bridge, Bridging mode

3. Set the SSID of this device (Tplink router WiFi username), the main router WiFi name SSID, scan Bssid, Route MAC address and WiFi password, next.

This is a more difficult step.

4, open the Tplink router WiFi password, as shown below

5, complete, restart the route

6, plug in the network cable, set the network card gateway, DNS,IP (primary wifi)

7, OK, finally can surf the internet, do not go to the tube that WiFi can even on the Internet, of course, you can directly connect the router's network interface. Just cc away from the main router too far, so the same can be solved oh. Praise one.

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