Achieving efficient work: Ten ways for IT staff to quickly improve their self efficiency

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Article Description: Ten ways IT staff quickly improve their own efficiency.

The so-called, time is money, efficiency also means time. An efficient way to work can help us win more opportunities for success. How to achieve efficient work? The founder of Zielix, Ingiter frameworks, who created Wayne Harrel, published a blog post, "Top ways to dramatically increase, your personal", We have introduced ten ways to improve our self efficiency rapidly. Now CSDN for this article is compiled, the full text as follows:

Everyone wants to be successful and everyone hopes to earn millions of dollars in one months. No one wants to fail, and they don't want the standard of living below their expectations. To achieve these goals, people are beginning to struggle to decide what to do and what not to do. This article provides ten ways to quickly improve your self efficiency, such as the following:

1. Stay away from the grey area

In the gray area, a lot of things are mixed together, which will greatly weaken our efficiency. If you do a lot of things at the same time, you'll lose your focus, lose your motivation, and eventually lead to failure. In order to achieve your goals, you only need to focus on one of the most important things.

Outsource all the things you hate.

Don't you like the marketing? Outsource it. Don't you like to manage your website? Outsource it.

My point is: outsource all the things that stand in the way of your work. There are a lot of people in India and the Philippines who are willing to help you do these things at low prices, which can also help us focus on just one thing that can make the most profit.

2. Development of a result-driven plan

This method can maximize your productivity and efficiency. Developing a result-driven plan is the key to bringing personal efficiency to the poles.

Write all the things you want to do on a piece of paper and arrange them in the order you expect them to.

Whenever you make a growth plan, it is important to focus on the value of everything.

3. Hire a top-quality coach

This is the easiest thing to do. I personally suggest that you hire a top-quality coach. Except for people like Mozart, other people need coaching. Even Bruce has a coach, and his coach is Yip Man. We need someone to support us behind us and cheer us on.

So if you're not able to write a Mozart of symphonies before you're 12 years old, you'll need a trainer. The coach can bring you a new world.

4. Find a high-performance software and try to apply it.

Recently, I did a survey and found that many people bought Igniter™frameworks, Personal Power 2 and other high-performance, productivity-enhancing software products, and even some people bought quite expensive products, but did not fully follow its requirements.

We can imagine. If you have a high-quality, high-performance production efficiency software, and according to its requirements to do, then your personal ability will be greatly improved. Here, I am referring to the trusted, result-driven coaching software. I remember having tried some of Tony's products, such as Ultimate Business mastery. It has provided me with a new world and changed the way I thought about business growth.

I've tried a lot of these software and they can help you get the results you want.

If you are looking for a high-performance coaching software, you can try igniter™. This is a product I developed that can help you get the results you want.

5. Make some decision evaluation.

This is one of the basic qualities of high ability. When taking a specific action, evaluate the gains that are available. Be clear about what you want to achieve, and what steps you need to take to achieve this goal. Evaluate how long it takes to take these actions. Write down clearly and logically achievable goals. The focus is on the expected results and the steps are clearly written.

6. To form a persuasive personal idea.

Your personal thoughts determine the way you get information. Your personal thoughts can depress you and inspire you to get the results you want and to deprive you of your chances of success. The formation of personal thoughts has a lot to do with the impact you have. That's why this is a very important one.

7. Don't be influenced by irrelevant things.

Depending on how long you've been watching Fox News, you can tell how many things your brain accepts. TV and general news are one of the main sources of negative thinking in your brain. One-tenth of them are negative, while the other nine-tenths is positive. The general news broadcast these content is to make money.

If you continue to watch these things, you will have a "people are not good" ideas. Good ideas and personalities can make you emotionally resistant to these things, while relieving stress and ultimately influencing your thinking and productivity.

8. Watch the news in some specialized areas, not the general news.

Watch some news items like entrepreneurial news and technical news. This can increase your domain knowledge, and when you are clear about your steps and have the means to get new information, implementing the plan by action steps can quickly increase your productivity.

So, avoid the effects of negative thoughts around you and focus on something that motivates you and makes you motivated.

9. "The Secret", the facts are often not as such.

You may have heard of the book "The Secret". It's a good book, and it's trying to tell us to focus on what we love and what we don't like.

This is true, but there is a problem, and everything is not the same. In order to achieve their desired results, we humans tend to send twice times more experience to avoid things that they do not like,

You are only one person, it is difficult to do according to what the book says.

I believe this is tricky and you have to be passionate about what you're doing so you can stop focusing on other things. Imagine what your life would be like when you carried out your plan and achieved your goals. How this will change your life and spend one hours writing down your passion and motivation for doing it.

This way you will understand why you are doing this, and will tend to do what you like, while productivity improves.

10. Get moving.

Now is the time to make a decision. What's stopping us from moving? What caused this friction?

Take a look at the following sentence:

"One step action is better than a bunch of theories. Don't be too timid and too uptight about what you do. Life is an experiment "--ralph Waldo Emerson

Many people focus on good things, but in fact these beautiful things are not necessarily beautiful. Perfect, is the contradiction. When you pursue perfection, you will also become perfect.

"Imperfect action is better than no action,"--giovanna Garcia.

Good news: Use the application to measure the results of your actions

I have a very different production efficiency software IPROCRASTINATE,MAC users can use it. In the Mac App Store, it's free. For PC users, you can try web-based tools such as

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