Act=info of file tags, viewing files or directory attribute information

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· View detailed property information for a file or directory, such as: presence, name, length, read, write, etc.


<file act=info[id= schoolbag name]> file name of relative path </file>

· Act=info: View Property actions

· ID: Return schoolbag name (optional, default to sign file)


· Canread:true|false, is it possible to read

· Canwrite:true|false, can you write

· Exists:true|false, whether the file or directory exists

· Files: File number under Directory, this entry is empty when viewing a file

· Paths: The number of subdirectories under the directory, which is empty when viewing a file

· Subs: Total number of files + subdirectories in directory, empty when viewing files

· Isdirectory:true|false, is not the directory

· Isfile:true|false, is not the file

· Length: File content Lengths

· Modified: Last Modified Time (format: Yyyy-mm-dd HH:mm:ss)

· LastModified: Last Modified time (Long integer type)

· Name: file or directory name

· Parent: Parent Directory

· Path: The full path

· If it is a directory, returns the list of properties for the files and subdirectories under the directory

Example 1:

View this file properties

<fileid=file act=info>_samples/file_info.html</file>

View the properties of the _samples/file_info.html file, return property information

Display the returned property information

    <for [email protected]{file:getwidth}>        <tr><td>@{file:@{for:getSuffix}}</td>< Tdhtml>@{file:@{file:@{for:getsuffix}}}</td></tr>    </for>

Full code


(example file: _samples/file_info.html)

Try it yourself.

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Act=info of file tags, viewing files or directory attribute information

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