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Almost two years ago, many of Lenovo's books were NVIDIA 310m graphics cards in my laptop shopping age. Many friends think that the 310m video card is actually a low-end video card, but I seldom play large games, And it is enough.

Today we bring you an amazing NVIDIA 310m graphics card overclocking tool. My original version is Lenovo z460. Before the superfrequency, Master Lu scored 60 on the graphics card. After the superfrequency, Master Lu scored 84. A full 24-minute gap, making 310m from the low-end graphics card to the middle and high-end! (Can you score 2840 points for Lenovo z460)

BenProgramNon-toxic and harmless, super-frequency is just right, the video card fever is almost not increased, within the range of m to maximize performance, fever is not increased, don't worry about video card explosion .....


Program interface:

Program description:

L this tool is soft overclocking and is not a BIOS brush, so it is safe.

L this tool will maximize the performance of the 310m video card.

L The overclocking data is a security value obtained through scientific theory + practice. Therefore, you do not have to worry about the overheating of the video card and have no damage to the video card, but fully explored the potential of M.



The program is very simple to use. There are two buttons in total: A "temporary overclock", the computer will become invalid after restarting, saving users worry that the video card is too heavy, and they can just overwrite it when needed; the other button is "permanent overclocking", which is still valid after restart. It is suitable for game enthusiasts or lazy people like me. It never hurts the video card ~~ It is troublesome to open and close the service.

Even if it is a permanent overclocking, you can cancel it at any time in the program. After you click "permanent overclocking", the button will automatically change to "cancel permanent overclocking", so you can safely use this program.

We strongly recommend that you use temporary overclocking first! Restart your computer if any problem occurs! If the test is normal, use the permanent overclocking!

PS:My personal guarantee is absolutely valid and absolutely authentic! If you believe it, you will enjoy the joy of 310m. If you do not believe it, you will miss the opportunity.

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