Activemq message features: Message attributes

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Message attributes:
  • By default, messages in queue are persistent.
  • The default priority of a message is 4.
  • The timestamp is set when the message is sent.
  • By default, a message never expires. If an expired message enters dlq, you can configure dlq and its processing policy.
  • If the message is resending, it will be marked
  • Jmsreplyto identifies the queue to which the response message is sent
  • Jmscorelationid identifies the Message ID associated with the message. You can use this ID to connect multiple messages.
  • JMS also records the number of message resends. The default value is 6.
  • If there is a group of associated messages to be processed, You can group: you only need to set the name of the message group and the number of messages when the message is sent.
  • If a transaction environment is in the message, txid is set
  • In addition, activemq additionally sets the timestamp of message columns and columns on the server.
  • In fact, a property jmsmimetype is added with the value of JMS/message.
  • The value of the message attribute in activemq, not only the basic type, but also the list or map type (
Message attributes:
Property name Type Default Value Description
Jmsdestination Javax. JMS. Destination Set by the producer Destination used by the producer
Jmsreplyto Javax. JMS. Destination Null User Defined
Jmstype String Empty User Defined
Jmsdeliverymode Int Deliverymode. Persistent Indicator if messages shoshould be persisted
Jmspriority Int 4 Value from 0-9
Jmsmessageid String Unique Unique identifier for the message
Jmstimestamp Long Time the message was sent Time in milliseconds
Jmscorrelationid String Null User Defined
Jmsexpiration Long 0 Time in milliseconds to expire the message-0 means never expire
Jmsredelivered Boolean False True if the message is being resent to the consumer
Attributes defined by JMS:
Property name Type Default Value Description
Jmsxdeliverycount Int 0 Number of attempts to send the message
Jmsxgroupid String Null Identity of the message group
Jmsxgroupseq Int 0 Sequence Number of the message
Jmsxproducertxid String Null Transaction identifier
Additional definitions of activemq:
Property name Type Default Value Description
Jmsactivemqbrokerintime Long 0 Timestamp of message arrival Broker
Jmsactivemqbrokerouttime Long 0 Timestamp of message exit Broker

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