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Using a browser to surf the internet is often a variety of ads to worry about, many people will be installed in the browser Adblock to advertising plug-ins, recently heard that Adbloc will push the browser, Adblock browser How to use? This small series for everyone to provide adbloc to the advertising browser to download the address.

Adblock Browser How to use Adbloc to download the advertising browser

Eyeo GmbH The German company is the world's most popular browser to the advertising extender Adblock plus behind the team, the release of the Adblock Browser Beta, based on Firefox's Android browser design, can achieve mobile end to advertising.

Eyeo highlights several key advantages of the new Adblock Browser browser, such as the installation of mobile ads that can consume up to 23% of the phone's power, increase data costs, and lead to slower web-loading speeds. In addition, malware is often hidden in advertisements and even trusted networks, and blocking ads can help keep mobile devices safe.

This is not the first time Eyeo has tried to block ads on Android devices, which had previously launched Adblock Plus apps for Android, which performed well on "Jailbreak" devices with root privileges. The new Adblock Plus browser is said to be available on devices with root and no root privileges, which can help it reach a wider range of mainstream customers.

The use of Adblock plus on personal computers in 2012 led to a loss of $887 million trillion in Google's potential advertising revenue, equivalent to 2% of Google's total advertising revenue. This is enough to make Google pay attention to Eyeo and have to pay the latter to include themselves in the "lower invasive advertising white list."

If Eyeo's new Adblock browser is as popular as its browser extensions, Google may pay more to make sure some of its ads are not blocked. But this is not the fundamental solution to the problem of Google's business model. If this trend continues, Google's mobile ads will lose value, and marketers will find new ways to promote their businesses, such as Facebook's corporate pages, Twitter's promoted tweets, and so on.

Adblock Browser is still in the test period, I believe it will soon be released Adbloc to the advertising browser to download resources.

Adblock Browser How to use? Adbloc to the Advertising browser to download it for you to introduce here

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