Add a folder in the Ubuntu location menu, and add an undisplayed application initiator in the Application menu

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1. Add a folder in the Ubuntu location menu:

Open the folder to be added, select the bookmarks-add bookmarks menu to add, delete, select the bookmarks-edit bookmarks, find the folder you just added, and delete it.

2. Add undisplayed app starters in the app menu: (take my frequently-used benstream btsoftware as an example. The installation location is under/opt/benliud)

(1) Find the graphic file (suffixed with PNG) and rename it as benliud.png, and then copy it to USR/share/icons/hicolor/48 × 48/apps/or other places.

(2) sudo gedit/usr/share/applications/benliud. Desktop

In the displayed window, enter the following content:

[Desktop entry]
Encoding = UTF-8
Name = benliud
Comment = BT download
Exec =/opt/benliud
Icon =/usr/share/icons/hicolor/48 × 48/apps/benliud.png
Terminal = false
Type = Application
Categories = application; Network

Save and find benliud in application-Internet

# The following are some instructions:

Encoding = UTF-8 // character encoding

Name = benliud // The name you give the program
Comment = BT download // description displayed when pointing to this program.
Exec =/opt/benliud // Application Path to be executed
Icon =/usr/share/icons/hicolor/48 × 48/apps/benliud.png // path of the icon you want to display

Terminal = false // whether to use the terminal (true is used, false is not used)

Type = Application // The type of the program, which is generally application.

Categories = application; Network // The content here determines the position of the created starter in the Application menu. The starter created according to the above method will appear in the application-Internet, and so on, if you want to create a starter in the application-office, the last line above should be written:
Categories = application; office;

The categories above is the key. Pay attention to the semicolon above. The first one is generally
The second one can be a network,
They correspond to the following:
Internet Network
Image graphics
Audio and video audiovideo
System Tools
Programming Development
Auxiliary options Utility
Preference settings.
That is to say, if this item is a network, it will be displayed in the internet bar. This item is
Utility, the menu items you create will be displayed in the auxiliary options, and so on.

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