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One requirement today is to create a custom server control that requires the control to have a url attribute. All the controls placed in the control can have the ability of Url redirection.
In the beginning, we implemented the "output. addAttribute (HtmlTextWriterAttribute. href, "", but this method has some disadvantages, that is, the control needs to be rewritten. In this case, the original attributes of some controls are lost. If MyBase is used. if the Render (output) is not rewritten, the image control will not be able to add the steering attribute, which I am confused about, is it because the layer is formed in the middle.
The final code is as follows:
Imports System. Web. UI
Imports System. Drawing
Imports System
<ToolboxData ("<{0}: Link runat = server> </{0}: Link>")> Public Class Link
Inherits System. Web. UI. WebControls. Panel
Implements INamingContainer
Private _ Url As String = String. Empty
Property Url () As String
Return _ Url
End Get
Set (ByVal Value As String)
_ Url = Value
End Set
End Property
Protected Overrides Sub Render (ByVal output As System. Web. UI. HtmlTextWriter)
Output. WriteBeginTag ("")
Dim fulltest As String = "javascript: window. open ('" & _ Url &"');"
Output. WriteAttribute ("onclick", fulltest)
Output. WriteAttribute ("href ","#")
MyBase. Render (output)
Output. WriteEndTag ("")
End Sub
End Class
In this way, any control that is dragged into this control has the steering attribute, and the control itself remains intact.

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