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It's easy to underline characters in Word, but it's not easy to add an underscore. At some point we really need to underline the specified characters, such as the mathematical notation for the average in the math document, or a dash bar on the specified variable. So what are we going to do at this moment? Here are a few small tricks that might help you. Take Word 2007 for example.

First, draw the line on the character

Perhaps this trick is the least technical content of the tricks, and even can be said to be very rogue tricks. But isn't that a word? " No matter black cat, White cat, catch mouse is a good cat ". Is it to underline the character? Hey, I draw the line directly on the character, want how long to draw how long, want to draw how short. Click the "Shape" button in the "Inset" tab of the Ribbon, click the "Line" button in the line item, and then drag a line segment with your mouse in the window. After you select this segment, drag it above the character.

If the line is not allowed to drag or easy to put to the top of the characters or the line lines are not reasonable, then you can select this line, right-click, in the pop-up menu click the Format AutoShape command, open the Format AutoShape dialog box. Click the "Colors and Lines" tab to specify the line color, line style, thickness, and so on. Click on the Layout tab and select the "above text" option, as shown in Figure 1, to make sure you can drag the line without affecting the normal layout of the character.

Figure 1 Word 2007 Formatting AutoShape

Second, skillfully use phonetic guide

First enter the variables in the document, such as "X", then select this character, click on the Ribbon "Start" tab in the Font feature group, "Phonetic Guide" button, open the Phonetic Guide dialog box, as shown in Figure 2. In the dialog box under the "phonetic text" in the input box, according to the number of characters to enter the appropriate number of underscores, you can determine.

Figure 2 Word 2007 phonetic guides

Three, skillfully with two lines in unity

Click the "Chinese Layout" button in the paragraph feature section of the Ribbon "Start" tab, and click the "double line in Oneness" command on the pop-up menu to open the "double Line in Oneness" dialog box. Type "_ X" in the input box below "text", noting that there is a space between the underscore and the character "X". As shown in Figure 3, it is OK to make sure. Of course, the results are not necessarily the same as our mind, may also need to adjust the size of the font.

Figure 3 Word 2007 Double line Oneness

Four, with the domain code to complete

Using the field code to complete the task of adding an underscore is the most technical content. Therefore, this method is suitable for many occasions, especially in front of the MM show. The implementation of the method is relatively simple, the key is to use the keyboard less mouse, in order to achieve better performance.

First, press the "CTRL+F9" shortcut key directly, resulting in a space symbol (a pair of curly braces). Position the mouse in braces and enter the following code "EQ o" (SUP5 (-), Sdo2 (x)), and then press the "SHIFT+F9" shortcut key to get the average symbol.

If you are not careful to forget the shortcuts behind, it does not matter, enter the field code, right-click on it, and then click on the pop-up menu "switch field code" command, you can also get the expected effect, as shown in Figure 4.

Figure 4 Word 2007 Setting field codes

Use of the Formula tool

If our document is in docx format, then the Formula Editor in Word 2007 is available. In this case, adding an underscore to the character is a breeze.

You can insert a new formula directly into the document by clicking the Pi symbol in the symbol feature Group Formula button in the Ribbon Insert tab, and a new formula tool appears in the Ribbon with the next tab "design." Click on the small triangle in the "Structure" feature Group "derivative symbol" in this tab and click on "Top Line" in the pop-up list, as shown in Figure 5. Finally, you can edit the formula in the document.

Figure 5 Word 2007 Insert Symbol

Of course, if you installed MathType 6, it would be more convenient to use, as shown in Figure 6. With MathType, it is convenient to be protected from the word version and the Word document format restrictions. Just the inserted formula will be processed as a picture in the document. However, double-clicking the formula still calls MathType open, and we can still easily edit the process.

Figure 6 Word 2007 calls MathType

Vi. Inserting special symbols

You know what? This underline can also be resolved by means of the caret method. Click the symbol button in the symbol feature section of the Ribbon Insert tab and click the "more Symbols" command on the pop-up menu to open the Symbol dialog box. Click the Symbol tab, set font to symbol, and then find the short underline in the list below, as shown in Figure 7 (in front of the Greek letter Alpha). When you select this symbol, click the "Insert" button to get the effect of the symbol in front of the dialog box in Figure 7.

Figure 7 Word 2007 Insert Symbol

This is a very convenient method, isn't it?

Well, say so much in a breath, also a little tired. In fact, in Word, there may be more ways to accomplish tasks that we don't normally seem easy to implement. As long as the study, oh, no no No.

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