Add curl extension library for PHP in Linux and Windows

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This compilation only compiles the PHP extension library separately, and then adds the compiled PHP extension Library to the currently running PHP, therefore, it has no impact on the currently running PHP.

Assume that the compiled PHP Directory is in the/usr/local/PhP4 directory; Apache is in the/usr/local/apache2 directory; PHPSource codeUnder the/home/php-4.4.7 directory. If the actual directory is different from the assumed directory, make adjustments in the following command.

1. Find the source of the currently running PHP versionCodeDirectory, such as a php-4.4.7. Enter the curl extension library directory.
$ CD/home/php-4.4.7/EXT/curl

2. Call phpizeProgramGenerate the compilation configuration file.

3. Compile the extension library and execute the following configure and make commands respectively.
$./Configure-with-PHP-Config =/usr/local/PhP4/bin/PHP-config
# After configure passes this step, run the make command. If configure fails, find the cause of the error.
$ Make
# After make is successfully executed, the generated extension library file is in the modules subdirectory of the current directory,
For example,/home/php-4.4.7/EXT/curl/modules/curl. So

4. Configure the php. ini file
# Copy the compiled extension library file to The apache2 modules directory.
$ CP/home/php-4.4.7/EXT/curl/modules/curl. So/usr/local/apache2/modules /.
# You can view the phpinfo information to determine the location of the php. ini file and edit it.
# Locate the location of the extension directory in the PHP. ini file and set the extension path to The apache2 modules directory.
Extension_dir = "/usr/local/apache2/modules /"
# Add the extension library location in PHP. ini and set the extension library to be added.
Extension = curl. So
# If you want to add other extension libraries in the future, you only need to compile the PHP extension library and copy it to The apache2 modules directory,
# Add a line at this location to add the name of the compiled extension library file.

5. Restart Apache and view the phpinfo information. The added curl extension library is displayed.


Add curl in Windows:

The following settings allow PHP to support curl extension libraries.

1. Modify PHP. ini and remove the comment before the line extension = php_curl.dll.

2. Copy the libeay32.dll and ssleay32.dll files under the PHP installation directory to the C: \ Windows directory.

3. Restart Apache.

In this case, the curl function should be available for viewing phpinfo.

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