Add fire to Ruby: Ruby will become popular again

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Add fire to Ruby: Ruby will become popular again

Ruby, which is widely regarded as a web language, has always been very popular, but it will become more popular now. AltRubies pushed Ruby to a level we never imagined. Is Ruby the preferred choice for browsers, mobile apps, and even hardware? Let's take a look at these optional Rubies and Their exciting things...

Browser Ruby thanks to Opal

Over the past year, I have witnessed one of the greatest changes in the dynamic front-end brought by AngularheEmber. Just as they do, there is one thing that prevents you from using them-javascript! As a Ruby user, I believe you will agree that JS or even CS) is not so successful. It does not have anything special in Ruby.

Opal can compile your Ruby into Javascript, which means you can run Ruby on your browser! Opal also has some excellent extensions, such as Opal-jQuery and Opal-Vienna (the latter is a front-end, Backbone Library), which is just the beginning.

Opal is paving the way for running the new front-end Ruby framework, or even the front-end. I have heard a lot about Opal's current fire and the future. I agree that we just started to understand why...

Back-end Ruby thanks to Volt!

Volt is an exciting new Ruby framework running at the front and back ends. It will be fully integrated with RubyMotion in the future.

Volt is a responsive framework that creates persistent connections with clients (user browsers) and servers. when data is updated on a client, it will spread to other listening clients (with the option to update the database in the process ). welcome to the real-time app World (RTAs ).


Volt has been proud of the Ruby industry recently. At this time, it is expected to attract a lot of interest-before it prepares for the coming of the Golden Age! In any case, this has now become the gospel of early feedback from many features-what the Volt team is dealing. One feature is to add a user and Authentication System to the core framework-a major change in my opinion.

I really like Volt's cutting-edge web technologies and methods: declared HTML, web Components, websocket, and, of course, client Ruby. They are being added to RethinkDB support. It is a new type of database, and Ruby makes it very important.

Volt is certainly not just for RTAs, but I am sure we will think creatively and add real-time inspiration to our website. I was thrilled to see what everyone was going to do with Volt. Don't worry about the initial latency that often occurs for websites running front-end JS frameworks. Volt is concurrent and will render the first page on the server clicked by the user so that it can respond quickly.

Ruby for IOS, OS X, and Android devices-thanks to RubyMotion

If you are a Ruby user, you should be familiar with RubyMotion, so we will not repeat it here. However, if you are faced with the same RubyMotion vs Swift dilemma as before, the following is why I chose RubyMotion:

  • RubyMotion builds native iOS apps-So at last your code is optimized like using Object C.

  • RubyMotion can also build OS X programs.

  • RubyMotion now allows you to build native Android apps. I think this is a killer, because RubyMotion's most striking alternative Swift cannot.

There are many other reasons, but I am personally familiar with Ruby. When you are still learning about the frameworks, Ruby already has everything you can do... you can develop mobile apps in your preferred language. And if you really want to switch to Swift, you don't have to waste time learning Apple's various frameworks, because you have mastered the required knowledge.

Embedded System Ruby-thanks to mruby

This is Matz's own baby. Compact is the best description! It is very small, which is the focus-lightweight enough to facilitate its use in embedded system hardware. Because it supports the C99 standard and is convenient, it is fully compatible with Ruby1.9.

Matz believes that it will have a place in embedded systems, just like Ruby and Rails) in the web field. I guess he is right.

Rails has been around for 10 years!

In an article about ruby, I didn't mention how cool Rails is. Rails is a killer application that makes Ruby have such a good start. In fact, it may be more accurate to say that Rails is the most primitive "cool source" in its programming.

With the release of Rail 5, it will be interesting to find out where DHH and the Core Group are using it. I personally hope they will mine Coffeescript to support Opal, otherwise they may find that Volt "steals" part of their "Thunder "; but what do I know?-Or they have long found something else, just like the Turbolinks framework we see. They often do this !).

Maybe, just maybe, they will be a torch for Rails...

Add fire to Ruby.

As mentioned above, Ruby is getting increasingly popular. I will introduce you to Ruby Fire, a good thing.

Ruby Fire is definitely a ready-to-use Ruby front-end framework, although it is only a concept. this framework is developed by the Opal Development Team (the team also developed Vienna, a Backbone-style front-end class library. ruby client development is no stranger to them. the goal of Ruby Fire is to perfectly integrate the existing background framework. without too much code modification, we can add the Ruby Fire front-end to our existing applications.

The team behind the Fire said they planned to include some ActiveSupport to make it perfect for Rails. What I love with Rails is Fire-a pair of combinations. It is very likely that this is a perfect combination. I think this move pushes Rails to its real-name location.

Fire focuses on the latest front-end practices and development, selects the best method currently available, and Ruby them. The current client-side framework will have a better development space!

In short, Fire is Ruby's Angular and Ember-so if you're looking forward to the front-end Ruby framework, Fire will suit your mind. I sincerely believe that with the development of Volt, Ruby will be again brilliant in the wwworld field.

This is just the beginning

This is an exciting time for Ruby. Thanks to the power of AltRubies, you can now use Ruby to do things that you have to do in other languages that you don't like very much (this is a polite saying: p ).

RubyMotion and mruby are brave enough to accept important new opponents (and are actually very effective), And I think Fire and Volt will be the key to Ruby's continued success as a web language. Guess what? You can participate.

Participate in discussions on their respective Gitter channels or participate on Twitter # RubyFire and # Voltrb... You can really help shape and defend Ruby's future on modern web, from here on.

Volt chat on Gitter
# Voltrb

Fire chat on Gitter
# RubyFire

Want to see more posts on Volt and Fire? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me!

Ruby is about to get red hot. Again.


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