Add domain names, delete domain names, and add sub-domain names on a Godaddy Windows Host

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For a Godaddy Windows host, add a domain name, delete a domain name, and add a subdomain name
You can add multiple domain names to an existing VM account. You can register a domain name based on the selected host scheme, without limiting it to an original registered domain name. The deluxe and premium plans allow you to add new domain names to any directory.
For example, if you have an domain name and set up a domain name named to Deluxe (or premium), you can click to go to the directory/another. Visitors can click to go
1. Login Account
2. In the my products option, select hosting accounting list.
3. Select the account you want to modify and click open.
4. Click domain management in the configuration items of the control plane.
5. Under the domain menu, select a domain name from the purchase account or enter a new domain name.
6. Select a directory from the drop-down menu of domain hosting path or create a new directory.
(Word steps are limited to the deluxe premium solution only)
7. Click Add domain.

Remove domain name/subdomain name
To remove a domain name from an account:
1. log on to the account manager
2. In the my products option, select hosting account list
3. Select the account you want to modify and click open.
4. In the settings option of the control center, click Domain Management
5. Open the domain name control panel and click Remove
6. Click OK.
Note: after the operation is completed, all related second-level domain names are removed.

Add subdomain name
Adding a subdomain name to a website is a very convenient way to access the website. For example, you can create a subdomain "pic. you can enter to enter the page without clicking
1. log on to account manager
2. Select hosting account list in my products.
3. Select the account you want to modify and click open.
4. Select Settings in the control center and click domain management.
5. Open the corresponding domain name control panel and click Add sub domain
6. In the sub domain dialog box, enter the second-level domain name to be set.
7. Select the path for placing the second-level domain name from the main domain name directory from the path drop-down menu.
8. Click Save.

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