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Add Safe Mode to the boot menu of Win 7

Because the Windows 7 boot menu uses the BCD profile, we simply add the Safe Mode menu to the BCD file. BCD file editing can be done with "Bcdtool".

1. After starting "Bcdtool", open "C:BOOTBCD", then expand to "Windows Boot Manager →windows boot loader" and click "edit → copy startup item" On the menu bar to copy the current startup item to the list.

2. When the copied startup item is selected, double-click the Description (name) in the right pane to open it, change its name to Safe mode, and after the Safe Mode menu is successfully added, start the System Configuration Utility as an administrator.

3, switch to the "Boot" tab, check "Safe mode", check "boot Options" under "Safe Boot", and select "Small", time-out set to "5" seconds, so that the safe mode can be added to the BCD menu.

Add Safe Mode to the boot menu of the Win XP

1. Right-click My Computer on the desktop, select Properties, select the Advanced tab in the System Properties dialog box that opens, and click the Settings button in the Startup and recovery item.

2. In the newly opened Startup and Recovery dialog box, click the Edit button in the System startup item, then open the boot. ini file with Notepad, and we will file "multi (0) disk (0) rdisk (0) partition (1) windows=" The line of Microsoft Windows XP Professional "/noexecute=optin/fastdetect" is copied and pasted one line below it, and then the Professional in the pasted line is changed to "Safe Mode". Close the Notepad window after saving.

3. Click start → run, enter Msconfig carriage return in the Open Run window or click OK to open the System Configuration Utility dialog box at BOOT. INI tab, click Multi (0) disk (0) rdisk (0) partition (1) windows= "Microsoft WINDOWS XP Safe Mode"/noexecute=optin/fastdetect "line ( That is, the line that we copied, pasted, and modified before we opened the boot. ini file with Notepad, and then checked the "/safeboot (F)" Entry under "Startup Options" below, or you can select the network behind (meaning Safe mode with networking).

The "/safeboot:network" field is added to the back of the selected line so that when you restart the machine, we press the down cursor key and we find a line of "Microsoft Windows XP Safe Mode" entry in the boot menu. Select this to start the machine in Safe mode with network connection.

Now, when you restart, see Safe Mode in the Win7 or WinXP boot menu, choose Safe Mode directly, or simply press F8 to enter the original advanced boot menu.

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