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Google finally announced that its search engine also began to support the function of SSL encryption, so that users in the search process can better protect your data security, but also can effectively alleviate the domestic users in the use of Google search is often reset phenomenon. Below I explain how to use SSL encrypted Google search in IE browser, if in IE browser to open the site was transferred to GOOGLE.COM.HK, you choose the homepage under the go to, after the normal use.

Add a Google with SSL search engine to the IE8 browser and add the search engine page to Internet Explorer's website online ( Default.mspx?dcsref=, create your own custom search engine on the right side of the page, type in the URL box


Name can be customized, such as Google with SSL, then click Install, and then in IE upper right corner of the search box in the Triangle Drop-down to select the newly added Google with SSL use. This is a simpler way, and if necessary, you can write an XML file to customize more content, such as search prompt characters, search engine logo pictures, and so on.

If you have previously added Google search to the IE8 browser, and it is the default search engine. Then you can change it to Google SSL search by modifying the "IE8 Search registry Entry" method:

1. Run the registration form "Regedit"

2, find "[Hkey_current_usersoftwaremicrosoftinternet Explorersearchscopes{0c28bd40-2a50-49dd-b58b-f62861c353c8}]" ( You can directly enter "Google" for F3 search).

3, find the "URL" option under this item, modify the numeric data to "{searchterms}&lr=". Yes, add an "s" after the original "http". (Please refer to the above picture)

After the save is completed, when you open IE after opening the Https:// site, you can directly in IE browser built-in search box to use Google's SSL search.

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