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We already know that the quality of a website plays a key role in Google. Senior Google engineer Matt Cutts has repeatedly mentioned in his blog that "quality" is critical to Google, whether it is content or connection.

However, creating content and connections does not have to go through a painful process. Website Builders tend to consider how to organize content from some perspectives. So let's let go of our innovative thinking and think about all these ways to add quality content to websites.

Remember the following:

  • You are restricted by your own ideas and your website. Try to explore in different directions.
  • Your website content should be written to your customers, rather than for you. Website content is not written to search engines. They are not your target group.
  • Think of your website as a complete picture, a whole with life and breathing. It will continue to grow, not stagnate.

Now we are heading for the topic: high-quality content for target groups.

1,Event Calendar. For real estate websites, it can be used to display new house information; for online bookstores, it can be used to introduce new book signatures, author meetings, and so on; for collections websites, can be used to introduce recent party activities ...... Make sure that visitors can add their own events to the calendar.

2,Map. Consider creating a map for real estate websites, hunting/fishing websites, camping websites, hotels, or any other outdoor leisure websites. Add content at the bottom of the map to describe the map and describe its intention.

3,Pre-sales/after-sales experience. It would be better if your customers could write a short text for the products or services you provide, or explore the benefits of your products/services. You can use them as proof of success on your website.

4,Images from customers. You can set up a special place for existing customers so that they can post their own images and logs on your website. This method is suitable for vacation websites, leisure websites, marriage websites, baby websites, photography studios, and so on. Think about what to do on the Halloween website? What about the flower website?

5,Online Color Painting. Use your imagination. If you make some holiday items a color-filled painting, the children can fill them out before the start of the journey and paste them to their proprietary online forum. After the journey, their parents can post holiday pictures and logs. In this way, a website that belongs to their holiday commemorative website (actually built entirely on your website) becomes the signboard of your holiday website. How do they use this "website? They will tell friends, grandparents, uncles and aunts. They will connect the website elsewhere. You can use this sign as a unique core selling point to compete with competitors. You will be connected by customers and browsed by future customers. You will win the advantage. If the website can be used as an article for children, you can think of many ways to add color-filling pictures or similar creative activities for children.

6,Blog or forumOf course, new content will be added to the website.

7. What interests your target groupArticleOr a new page. Regularly write new content-your goal should be 1-2 articles per week.

8. Display on the site homepageExpert Q &. Ask an expert to answer the question, and then post a question on the home page every week (or post it every day for free control ). Create a searchable archive for previous questions and answers on the website.

9,Product Evaluation. If your industry has products or software that requires evaluation, consider writing some fair evaluation articles. Publish the article to your website and online publications. Readers will always be interested in the complete and fair evaluation, because the author does not lose the bias in listing the advantages and weaknesses of the product. If you are dealing with scenic area businesses, how should you evaluate them? What products will you use as an expert? Why?

10,Tips. If your products or services are suitable for use with tips, write a series and publish them to your website. Send as a news message. Readers who are invited to use your product are also invited to write tips/Tips. If they submit the tips, they will be given some discounts/discounts for purchasing other products.

11,FAQs. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) are what you want to know about the target group. When you receive a question from the reader, add a new question and answer content to the FAQ to keep it updated.

12,User manual/Guide. People like to read manuals. If you are selling toilet parts, why don't you write a guide on how to install a toilet in the bathroom? To facilitate your customers, customers will continue. Write a series of user manuals. Create a "restroom Superman" on the Internet ". It seems that this is not attractive enough, but as a result, you will be highly concerned, and will be able to convert website access traffic into sales, you will be attractive outside the Internet.

13,Content that can solve the actual problem. Why do people access the Internet? In order to find information or compare shopping. If you can solve these questions for your visitors, you can help them. For example, you are selling a blanket from the east. Your potential customer may be looking for ideas about how to decorate her office. Her office is very small and she wants to add some color. Most of the walls are occupied by windows and metal bookcases. If you create a series of content/pictures to show how your Oriental blanket can solve her problems, one of the examples mentions the long Oriental carpet. These contents do not contain images, but also contain texts to describe various problems and provide solutions. Your potential customers can naturally find your pages from search engines.

14,Historical data. Assume that you are selling steel pipes this time. What is the history of steel pipes? Create a page to introduce its history. In fact, you should also create a page on the following content: Comparison of steel pipes and copper tubes and other types of metal tubes; Why rust; how hard the steel is; the actual value of the steel pipe (how the steel pipe is used in almost every building, etc.); the life of the steel; and so on. All these constitute a forum, it will be a very valuable component of the entire website.

Note: The problem is coming. Are these contents also of value to the target group of the steel pipe company? Imagine a target group: vocational education training courses in the United States. This is a favorable resource for them. If they connect to this website, all of them are. edu websites, will they be very popular? Think about it. We are talking about high-quality content and connections.

Another example of historical data is a hotel on St. Simon Island. Such a hotel should certainly provide historical and travel information about the island on its website.

How should a website selling Mustang hose parts apply this policy? What about the website that sells wedding dresses?

15,Interview. The simplest means of manufacturing content. Interview with an expert in your industry. List his questions and ask the experts to answer them in their own words. In addition to correcting spelling or syntax errors, do not delete expert answers. Be honest with experts and maintain the integrity of the interview articles. Write a series of interview articles and highlight them on the main page of your website.

16,Seasonal Articles. Is there a "seasonal" trend in your industry "? If so, seasonal articles are often very popular.

17,Statistics. Providing statistics on your website is also a way to add content. If the statistical data is not from yourself, it will often tell you where the information comes from. Reference this information source! How does a finance or asset mortgage website use this policy?

18,Suggested column. This can be used on dating websites or other websites. How can SEO websites use this strategy? What about an interior decoration website or an orthopedic website?

19,Monthly Champion. Assume that you are running a website with sales plug-ins. Invite your customers to send photos of the bouquets they designed with your flowers and so on. Publish the photo online. Select a winner every month and put his photo on the website's explicit page. The winner is awarded a gift worth $25 as the award certificate.

20,Example of using a flower shopTo create video tutorials on how to insert flowers. Make sure that the audience can buy all the materials in your store as per the tutorial.

21. Take the flower shop as an example.Invite customers to provide some experiencesFor example, how they make flowers, what materials they use, and photos. Put this information on your website. Relevant materials are connected to your online store. Make full use of your creativity. What do you do in your industry? What should you do if you have a costume website? What about art websites? Use this strategy for hunting or fishing websites.

22,Send a new message every month, with the information you want to tell the customer. It can be tips from customers, products in sales, holiday plans, monthly Champions, etc. Paste past new emails on the website to add content.

23,Biography of important people. If it is related to your industry, you can do so. For example, it is very useful to run a website or an old bookstore about the history of the American Civil War.

24,News events. It varies with your industry.

25,Community-related pages. If this is a local website, for example, you can discuss local restaurants, baseball league, and campus opening ceremonies on community-related pages or blogs.

We just came up with these ideas. All must be different based on your industry, your products, or services. You also need to brainstorm.


Remember "high quality" when creating content ". The above ideas should help you get started.

And then think about the following issues. If you start to create high-quality content, what will happen next? High-quality connections. Other websites will start to connect to your content because you have done what you should do: provide your customers with what they need. They need to see high-quality and continuously updated information. You have become a reliable source of information.

Do not try to take shortcuts ". Success comes from hard work.

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