Add interesting text effects to your photos with the PS font Envelope tool

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This article describes using the PS Font Envelope tool to add interesting text effects to your photos.

Many friends like to play their own name in the photo, the date of the shoot and the name of the work, which is not only the protection of personal works, while good-looking font collocation is also a kind of image of the creation, but also can borrow words to express their own voice, give the image more meaning. So today, let's learn how to "tease" text in Photoshop.

Good-looking font itself is a beautiful design, we have in the process of making watermarks mentioned in the circular text production, in fact, there are many other ways. First of all, go to the font site to download some of their favorite fonts installed in the computer, than the system with the font effect much better.

Open PS, pick a picture that you want to deal with, we started.

1. Select the Font tool and enter what you want to write. In the state of the Text tool (Figure 1), click on the "character" panel, which has specifically illustrated the various functions of the character (Figure 2). For example: Select the font, the spacing between the fonts, line spacing, bold, italic, etc., must be more practice, the inside of the function are tried.

Here is not one of the explanations, because today's main teaching is to use PS with the features of the feature to make the font more fun.

2. About the font deformation, only need a small tool, and this easily overlooked "little guy", originally hidden Here it (Figure 3)!

Although it is small, hidden and very secret, but the universe (Figure 4), now let us try it is how convenient and fun it! Fan-shaped effect, corolla effect, wave effect, respectively. Changes in amplitude can be adjusted to their own grasp. Is it fun? Such a small tool, twist the text to twist to "tease" good-looking, really Tray (Figure 5).

3. The following is the effect of the font, but also very simple, but it can make it more beautiful. Use PS ready-made gadgets, make text effects, click the text Layer right button "blending options" (Figure 6).

4. Create a pattern for the text, use "pattern overlay" can produce different texture of the text effect, with different text, both good-looking and can make the photos lively (Figure 7).

5. This is a photo that uses the transform tool and layer overlay function that we taught just now (Figure 8). Not only played a role in the signature, but also to make the picture more balanced sense.

Note : More wonderful tutorials Please pay attention to the triple Photoshop tutorial section, triple PS group: 182958314 welcome you to join

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