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In the past, when there was a network, all the services were always online. Recently, some laptops sometimes used no network, so I wanted to use the offline msdn package. However, after searching for half a day, we found that all of them needed to be downloaded again. The help program used by vs2012 is

Helpviewer2: (you can directly open helpviewer or open vs -- help -- add and remove help content)

As a result, I used online for offline updates and downloaded some msdn help documents. However, in this process, we found that the download speed was slow. First, we declared that the download speed was actually fast. I don't think it's speechless to download it like this every time ~~ So I tried to download most of the msdn documentation (of course, it was downloaded at night ). Then I uploaded the file to the Internet (not packaged and uploaded). I hope that users with the same hope can download the file at a faster speed in China (it is really slow to directly update the file !!).

download link

(Because it is too large, I uploaded it to the 115 online storage disk and packed it into a gift package for download. PS: You need a 115 account to download it)

Visual Studio-MSDN-HelpLibrary2 offline help documentation (5.60 GB)

115 online storage package code: 5lbea4m7ovlc



After downloading the package, you can find the path content of your local offline package. Overwrite and copy it!To use an offline package, you need to set the following settings (Open vs -- help -- set help preferences -- start in the Help Viewer)

It is recommended to change to a larger disk. After all, the offline package is relatively large. If the offline package lacks the Help file you need, you can download it on your own,If you have more comprehensive offline packages or other versions, please share them with me. 

Finally, the msdn help document for VC ++ 6.0 is provided: (1.06g)

115 online storage package code: 5lbax4vdbb5x


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