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First, create a company entry.

I tried the fireproof board industry. Of course, if I promote it in Baidu Encyclopedia and sousearch encyclopedia, I must find related industry entries to complete or create them. Under normal circumstances, we can create an entry for the company name. Generally, this entry does not exist. Of course, when we create a company profile, we will not add a website. This is unlikely to pass, we 'd better bring industry-related information, such as the Changzhou Zhongtian fireproof board I created. In addition to the company profile, there are also honors, product performance, enterprise appearance, and product application scope, find a way to complete the writing, so as not to give others an idea that you just want to get an external chain. In this way, the passing rate will be much higher.

Second, the creation or improvement of industry-related entries.

The best way here is to clone, right, that is, clone. Go to Baidu to find related entries in the building materials industry, and then search for building materials related entries. Generally, the number of search entries is much less than that of Baidu, then, you can create an existing Baidu entry by searching for it, and then publish the related content of the entry on the website you want to promote. When creating the entry, add the page address that you need to publish to the promotion website in the extended reading, so that it will be OK. Similarly, you can copy the search term to Baidu to carry the required link. For example, I copied Baidu's Meijia fireproof board and hpl to sousearch Encyclopedia. Generally, it passes in 1 minute.

Third, what should we do if we want to add our own promotion page address to the entry extension?

Many times we will find that the entry we want to create has already been created, and there is no way to edit it. In this case, well-developed entries are difficult to edit and have insufficient levels. In this case, I am not qualified to speak, and I am not good enough, like Baidu Baike's fireproof board entry, I do not have the edit permission. I must have four or more levels. I only have two levels. I will only have to wait for the accumulation. For words that can be edited, the same method is used for Baidu Encyclopedia and search encyclopedia, that is, to search for content related to the words you want to modify and improve the terms, do not simply copy it. Remember to add the directory Title. Another trick is to add a link. Do not abandon the trouble. It is best to add the content you have added to the full link, you just need to review it. Then, you can publish the entry content on your own website, and fill the page address in the extended reading of the edit entry. In the same way, the probability is 95%.


The graph shows the link added. We recommend that you add links to all words that can be used as the entry.

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