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Search engine using FrontPage or auxiliary tools to make site search engine although very simple, but the steps are more cumbersome, suitable for the use of the webmaster operators. If the use of professional code to create search engines, in addition to the production site search, but also to add site search, so that the site more powerful, more professional.

In contrast to site search, add sites outside the site search more simple, because we just set up on the page to the outside of the well-known search engine portal can be, so that visitors can easily use the external search engine on your site to query the relevant information.

  1. Add Baidu Chinese Search

If your site space support ASP, you can use the Blue space site to provide search engine code (download address:, the code of search data from Baidu website, can achieve a fast site search.

Download decompression search.asp can not upload the use, the first to use the Web page editing software to open the Search.asp, the "" to replace your site URL address, in order to make the search results interface and the overall effect of the site to achieve unity, You can also add head and tail information for search.asp, change background tones, and more. If you want to add the search engine entrance to the home page or other pages, copy the "<form>......</form>" code in the Search.asp to the appropriate location on the page.

  2. Add Google search

The use of Google's directional search function code to achieve a strong site search engine, login pictured), Copy the code of the Search Code box to the page where you want to add the site search engine, and change the "YOUR DOMAIN NAME" in the code to the URL of your site.

  tip: Baidu can also achieve similar site search function with Google, login, the last piece of code copied to the Site page and will be "" Change to your own web site URL address.

Login, the "Let your website also have Google" under the code copied to the site page of the appropriate location can have a Google search engine.

  3. Add a comprehensive search engine

"Radish greens, their own strokes", not all visitors like to use Baidu or Google search engine, some prefer Yahoo, some love a search, how to meet the search requirements of most visitors? At this time the comprehensive search engine can be used, comprehensive search engine includes all the well-known search engines in China, It's also very simple to use, first download the code at the Http://, and then copy the code to the Site page. In this way, visitors can choose the search engine to use according to their preferences.

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