Add the Eclipse plugin using link and change it in link mode (install, uninstall)

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One: The benefits of using link to install the Eclipse plugin are:

Convenient for centralized management of plugins. (using the link method, the added plugin can be placed uniformly in the custom folder outside of the Eclipse installation folder plugins)

Second: How to use:

1: Create a folder under the Eclipse directory in Eclipse's installation directory for links (note create location, links name)

2: Create a folder dedicated to the Eclipse plugin: such as myeclipseplugins (this name is unrestricted)

Note: Place all files and folders in the directory where the plugins,features in the plugin is located under the Eclipse folder:

3: Create a file with the link suffix in the Links folder, and Eclipse looks for the plugin via the plugin location specified in this file.

Writing format:


Note: The link file must be "/" instead of "/" at the root of the Links folder, which is a relative path, when moving the entire Eclipse installation directory, or the Links folder and the Myeclipseplugins folder directly to the new Eclipse installation directory can still use the corresponding plug-in must start with path= the value of path only need to write to the directory in the plug-in directory where eclipse resides. (if eclipse is not recognized, write to the Eclipse directory)

Three: Change plugin (add, uninstall)

1: Installation:

Simply place the appropriate plug-in file in the Myeclipseplugins folder as required and add the appropriate link file in the Links folder to

2: Uninstall: Delete the corresponding link file in the Links folder or create a folder under the Links folder to store the link file without the plugin to remove the corresponding plug-in file from the Myeclipseplugins folder. At the same time take both of the above methods

3: No effect following the operation:

You need to close eclipse first, then go to the/configuration folder in Eclipse's installation directory, delete the Org.eclipse.osgi folder, and then open Eclipse.

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