Adi in shoes to sell the market defeated Nike, this is true? | Curiosity, little information.

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The explosion of the three leaves. These few months have been found on shelves and on EBay, is this a precarious message for Nike, or is the entire movement market in motion?
2338 euro, equivalent to 15882 yuan. This is the balance of this pair of red Adidas NMD r1new balance Canvas shoes Red Apple August 15, the resale of the business.
This pair of shoes is limited to two hundred, to commemorate the Adidas Originals's new flag store, the original retail price is 170 euro, after the turn of the eye on the shoe Head (sneaker heads) and the yellow bull on the line of shoes turnover 10 times times.
I don't know, Artie, to be sure, is that Adidas originals the most top-notch range of sneakers categories: This quarterly balance of the most expensive 10 shoes, 7 pairs of shoes are derived from the movement of this Cape Verde movement quiff the deck. Before that, the 10-million-dollar shoe-selling business was dominated by Nike and its Jordan businesses.
This list comes from the Stockx of the source shoe business site, the website was formerly the Shoe information website Campless, when it is a line of shoe certificate business, the source of ebay and other Internet merchants to complete the sale of the message, report you which shoes in sneaker Head that most popular, And its price wave, the rate of overflow and so on.
Following the Stockx today's statistics, NMD R1 Red Apple's value remains high, eventually reaching a price of 2250 euros at midnight today.
In the past, the shoes were sold on the market with Nike alone. Stockx's first official, Josh Luber, said in a TED talk last October 1: "There is a real similarity between the ball heel stock market and the drugs, but the most basic point is that there is a center of gravity player." There is a decree-making person. To the sneakers, this is the appearance of Nike. ”
Nike's continued recovery of the classic shoes, such as Jordan, has gradually evolved to understand such a collection of trade market. The surplus is about 30%, and after selling sneakers, 2014 sneaker Head also made a profit of 3.8 euros, while 96% of the business was all Nike, and the only 1% was Artie.
But this magical sub-class has made a tremendous change in a short two years. In the spring of last year, Kanye West and Artie announced their first pair of YEEZY shoes, YEEZY Boost 750 is the 2015 Q1 quarter balance of the second shoes (1416 U.S. dollars), only the Nike air foamposite sequence of extreme rare Montserrat area limit Volume "Shanghai" under the bubble. From then on, you can see more and more. The shoes of the crowded are beginning to go into this form of business with luxury and luxury products.
Bag of coconut shoes (Yeezy), limited edition Ultra boosts, limited edition NMDS.
"Artie continues to emulate Nike and Jordan, learning that they have been in the past 30 years in the form of a second-hand shoe business: Keeping the offer small. "Stockx's first official, Josh Luber, said in a recent visit.
Pharrell Nmds
In other words, a limited amount of sneakers has been released. From the last few months, almost every week there is a limited number of NMDS published, with the kind of Star tide licensing agreement. The most fiery of the number and the British said singer "Philippine Dong" Pharrell Williams hair Cloth of the NMD, four colors completely boarded "the most expensive" top 10. It was also the third quarter of Yeezy, which was sold shortly.
In the same way as Nike did, Artie was driven into the market on the back of the most potent star.
But Nike has yet to lose its seat. From the collection, the second Jordan 1 "forbidden to Wear" 2016 (sold on September 3) and more Nike shoes is enough to doubt: Nike about proceed awards cloth a larger number of copies, rather than finding the extreme rarity, in the numbers still occupy advantage. Jordan shoes and Nike shoes add up to the turnover of 115 times times the size of the shoe is still old.
In the past 24 hours, Nike and Jordan shoes in the sale of the market, the number of the Artie is 4902 dollars.
The strategy of the sale of the star-driven movement in the market is not yet very stable, and it is not strong enough for the commodity line. The ADIDAS INDEX on the Stockx, compared with the top 40 businesses of September 3, has fallen to five figures in the business of the two-week shoe.
But Adi's place is still old enough to be confused. The world of--sneaker Head often symbolizes the forefront of the shoe market, quiff, and Adi used its foreign-style running shoes (rather than Nike's long-worn basketball sneakers) to draw attention from the crowd, which is now moving in the direction of the shoe.
In accordance with a visit by the Market Research Alliance NDP Group in a few parts of the game, basketball shoes are generally the ones that people buy that are not really used to move, while the running intentions of the runners are the highest. But with the continued sale of the wind's running shoes, the weight of this is going to be lower: now, only 25% of the moving shoes are actually going to be used to move them.
From the end of the game, the operators are probably going to need to think again about the wind-wave question. The first is to lower the bottom line, to play an exemplary effect. Even though the movement function is always waiting for the reliability and power of the operator, don't forget that the shell and Super Star gold of the past three leaves do not have the skills to occupy a place in the sneaker Head, and to turn the flowers into new NMD and boost This is the first of its own for the Primeknit, Boost, and the most advanced sneakers. (Map: Wu Antelope pepince)
New Balance 565

Adi in shoes to sell the market defeated Nike, this is true? | Curiosity, little information.

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