Adjust the Windows XP registry to enjoy high-speed broadband Internet access

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Windows XP limits the bandwidth connection speed. Does it mean that we can modify the operating system to get a faster Internet access speed?

A: Now broadband networks are gradually becoming more and more widely used. However, some broadband network users still have low Webpage Browsing speed, uploading speed, and downloading speed. In fact, in Windows 2000 or XP, by modifying the registry, We can greatly improve the speed of the broadband network and truly enjoy the fun of surfing the Internet.

Run regedit to open registry manager. Then, locate HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Services \ Tcpip \ Parameters in the following path.

Right-click the blank area on the right of the parameters subkey, select "new"> "DWORD Value", and name it "defaultttl". Then, right-click and select "modify". In the displayed window, change the value to "80" (hexadecimal) or 128 (decimal ).

Create the following "DWORD Value" in sequence and modify its value (if there are two values, the former is hexadecimal, and the latter is decimal ):

"Enablepmtubhdetect" = "0"

"Enablepmtudiscovery" = "1"

"Globalmaxtcpwindowsize" = "7fff" or "32767"

"Tcpmaxdupacks" = "2"

"Sackopts" = "1"

"Tcp1323opts" = "1"

"Tcpwindowsize" = "7fff" or "32767" (93440 or 186880 or 372300, depending on network conditions)

Then save our changes and restart the computer to enjoy the pleasure of higher network speeds.

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