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Photoshop CS2 is an important update for Digital graphics Editing and creation of professional industrial standards. It will be released as an independent software program or a key component of Adobe Creative Suite 2. Photoshop CS2 introduces powerful and accurate new standards to provide digital graphics creation and control experience.

Major updates to Photoshop CS2:
*) The spot healing brush is used to handle common image problems, such as stains, red eyes, blur, and deformation.
*) Smart Objects allows you to measure and transform images and vectors without losing sight of images.
*) Create an embedded link copy image to edit and update multiple images at a time.
*) Supports non-destructive editing, creating and editing 32-bit HDR images, 3D rendering, and advanced synthesis.
*) FireWire previews is a direct output function that supports viewing in front of a TV monitor.
*) New tools used to test the creation limit, such as Vanishing Point and image warping. Vanishing Point allows you to cut out redundant images and modify images, such as visually copying, coloring, and converting images.
*) Re-designed workflow, such as product packaging development and image warping.
*) The popular file browser is updated to Adobe Bridge, which contains a creation center that provides multi-view browsing and smooth image operations. In Adobe Bridge, you can also access Adobe stock photos.
*) The Camera Raw 3.0 workflow supports modifying multiple initial files and processing them into JPEG, Tiff, DNG, or PSD formats.
*) The Photoshop interface is simplified, and the task-based menu border is used to facilitate searching.
*) Multiple Layer controls accelerates editing.
Adobe Photoshop CS2 system requirements:
*) Mac OS X 10.2.8-10.3.8;
*) Windows 2000 SP4;
*) Windows XP SP1 or SP2.

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Eleven new features in Photoshop CS2

Adobe Photoshop CS2 brings many new features: more creative options, more convenient customization of Photoshop according to user habits, and more file processing functions that can save work efficiency, for example, batch processing digital camera raw format files. Adobe Photoshop 2 can greatly improve your creativity.

Use Adobe Bridge to process images faster

  Adobe Bridge is the next-generation product of file browsers. It can process images in a simple way, this feature allows you to quickly process raw files of a camera, modify the image size, rate, or generate a thumbnail, browse images using a magic lamp, and search for metadata.

Vanishing Point)

  The groundbreaking Vanishing Point tool can achieve amazing results in a short time. The image can be automatically cloned, sprayed, and pasted at the angle of the image area.

Multi-layer operations

  You can select, move, group, deform, or distort objects in multiple layers by clicking or dragging them. You can simply use smart Wizard to view multiple objects.

Smart Object

  Use smart objects to scale, rotate, and distort the grating and vector images. You can also save Vector Data in Adobe Illustrator.

Digital camera raw format multi-Image Processing

  Simulate multi-image processes to accelerate the workflow of raw files. Import images in the selected format, including digital negative (DNG) format. You can automatically adjust the impression, shadow, brightness, and contrast of an image.

Image Distortion

  Distorted images easily create model instances or apply other stereoscopic effects to images.

Advanced Noise Reduction

  The advanced noise reduction function reduces the noise produced by digital photos taken with high ISO.

Support for 32-bit high-dynamic regions (HDR)

  Create and edit 32-bit images, and merge multiple images. dynamic areas include shadow to high brightness.

Customize work areas and menus

  Users can customize their work areas and menus to make it easier to use their most commonly used tools.

Area repair brushes

Use the new Photoshop CS2 regional repair brush to easily repair images and support 16-bit images.

Redeye correction

  You can set the size and blackness of the redeye to support 16-bit images.

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