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The next time in the Internet café to do the test inadvertently set the ADSL line more than once, but dial the number, many settings can also dial the number, and is different IP, here I will say about ADSL multiple dialing related issues.

Today we tested multiple dials for the next line, and if there are no restrictions on telecommunications, you can dial more. Repeatedly add ad exits to the same exit through a soft route to dial. But here also say that there is no advantage in the end. On the surface certainly many people congratulate me, ah many dials good infinite add, increases the bandwidth, increases the IP ah ... In fact, don't be happy too early, increase IP is more right, each will get the different IP distribution, you can also specify each machine to go different IP exports (in fact, is a moden out of the.) ), for the game studio is certainly useful, for my useless. Why, then? No increase in export bandwidth.!!

Here is a few 2 ways to limit the bandwidth of telecommunications, some areas are limited ADSL access account speed, such as Nanchang Telecom, ADSL account only 2 m bandwidth, moden see the synchronization rate is 4 m. In this case, the same line for an ADSL dial-up, but also to obtain 2M bandwidth, but regardless of the number of dial-up, the highest can be achieved or Moden 4M synchronization rate.

Some areas are limited to the speed of the port, like now my side, the account is to give the 4M bandwidth, Moden can see the synchronization rate is also 4 m, telecommunications to force did not seal more than dial, we can repeatedly dial many times, but the line speed Moden inside the rate is only 4 m downlink, Single account line speed is also 4 m, so how to do multiple dialing, the highest line speed is only Moden synchronization speed of 4M. Can never exceed the synchronization speed in the Moden!~

Therefore, even if you do not support multiple dialing can not be said to be bad, the key is to see bandwidth speed and line stability!

Ad access mode is divided into ordinary ADSL or FTTB optical cable access, the former highest 4M (theory 8M), the latter the highest 20M (theory 24M)

In fact, Telecom to 20M are not up to, the highest open to 18M appearance (not the higher the better, ask your friends telecommunications, a lot of the situation is the bandwidth is high, the line can not speed completely unstable, only to reduce the low bandwidth. Many old users have met the stability of 2M, a rise of 4M will be switched.

Mine is FTTB, the highest support 20M access (actual estimated 17-18m stability),

Find someone to raise a few to the highest speed and then try the speed.

Here again, General Moden default address Account Admin Password admin has line quality and synchronization rate display. Telecom sent some cats need to use the Super User and password in order to see their own Baidu ha ~ ~

About the fiber-optic access users can play multiple dialing, home fiber maximum downlink 100MB General telecommunications are only to 10-20MB. Multiple dials may be useful!

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