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If you are sure to follow the tutorial step by step configuration ADSL No line by the Internet, and secure ADSL no line from the Internet to save the restart equipment, ADSL lights are often bright, but still not dial up, then this article may be helpful to you. Do not panic, or arbitrarily suspected equipment hardware problems, in fact, to do a few simple tests, 95% of the problem can be solved.

This article is based on six months to the technical support of various problems, summed up how to determine the problem and solve the problem. This article only relates to the problem that no line is configured by the cat into the routing mode (multi-machine sharing) Internet, ADSL no line by Internet and connection.

To successfully use ADSL without wiring by surfing the Internet, first you have to be clear on the premise that the local operator does not have the technology to seal the routing function. Then you have to determine two key parameters:

1. Your broadband operator's ADSL parameters, technically called PVI/PCI parameters;

2. Your real username and password on the Internet.

If you have not yet ordered, then please confirm the premise and verify that the account password is true. Verify authenticity is only for users who were not originally using Windows generation Dial-up software, such as using third party dial-up software such as Star speed (otherwise, steps to skip test authenticity).

To determine whether the routing of the premise, the simplest ADSL no line by the Internet is to call the operator customer service: "Sealed the route?" Or "Do you allow routers to connect two computers at the same time online?". Attention to customer service Meimei reply: If the answer is "no/yes", then there must be no seal.

However, if the answer is "sealed/not/unclear", it can be understood as "the possibility of closure". No clear answer, just to see if the people around the router, or the Internet to check the "local" netizen how to say also can know twos.

How to test the authenticity of the account password?

Why does the account password still have a authenticity problem?

Because some operators use encryption authentication, the account number and password to do the first encryption operation, and then sent to the Ju-side certification. This situation only in the "star speed" such as the encryption dial-up client to dial the Internet (authentication successful), only its key and the same as the Ju side.

The Dial-up connection with window generation (no key) is not able to be with the Ju-side key pair, and of course the validation will fail. Using this principle, we create a new PPPoE dial-up connection using the Connection Wizard with Windows. We call "Connection a", of course, the creation of the need to add ADSL account number and password (at least what you think is right), and then use "Connect a" through the current ordinary cat dialing test ...

If you successfully log on, at least two things are proven:

1. The username and password you remember are correct.

2. Your Ju end does not use encryption authentication, you know the username password is true. If you are prompted for authentication failure: Either you have the wrong password or the Ju end is encrypted. This kind of encryption can be cracked.

Above ADSL no line by the Internet is strongly recommended before you order the routing device is completed, so as not to order to cause unnecessary misunderstanding and trouble, because if the account authenticity of the test is not through, is not necessary to remove the package to take out the new equipment configuration.

The account test is OK, also by the tutorial step-by-step configuration (with you think of the PVC parameters) still dial up, then we do a few tests to see where the problem. You want to believe that this is a complete set of debugging procedures, please strictly follow the steps in this article (Yellow is key) test. 90% problems in ADSL parameters and other objective environment.

Here first to exclude the error of the parameters: Most customers do not know why the ADSL parameter Vpi/vci, because no line by the cat built-in modem, so more than the configuration of the general router more such a parameter. The simplest way to get parameters is to call Customer service, directly ask ADSL PVI/PCI parameters, the chances of getting a positive answer is very small.

If you don't get an answer, hang up the phone and dial it again, using the method I'm teaching you to ask: Lied about the family cat broke, got a USB cat, this cat to set these two parameters to dial (to tell customer service your approximate location, some cities different Ju parameters are not the same), she did not inform that there is no reason.

At this point you can play: as a legitimate consumer due to technical support information, tone your own grasp hehe ... Generally this trick works, did not ask that it is also okay to go online to check it ... Still not sure ADSL no line by the Internet, then according to our method to determine the parameters.

Select either "Restore Factory settings" or "Restore default Settings" from the Routing device menu. Please note that ZTE 531B Blue is set by default DHCP is turned off. For devices that are turned off by DHCP, and you want to access the device menu, you need to manually configure the NIC IP to be; subnet mask (How to set IP manually? See the document, "The Basics of Utility networking")

Connect the computer that is being debugged with a wired wireless router cat to ensure that it is the only computer connected to the route (in the most secure environment when debugging). Routing the Cat default configuration is all bridge mode, that is, the national 7 sets of bridge parameters are in. The ADSL telephone line is connected to the road by the cat, so the connection test is to route the cat as an ordinary cat.

When the ADSL/DSL lamp illuminated steady (the signal has been synchronized), use the account test when the new "connection a" dial-up Internet. Tip "Remote server is unresponsive", please check that routing cat configuration is not bridged mode, if not, follow step 1. If still not, conditional can be switched to other ADSL circuit test, preferably other operators on the line, there has been operator line and equipment incompatible situation. Reset the device, change the line of different operators, or this hint, then please contact us after the sale.

Prompt "Authentication failed", it is very likely that the Ju side did the Mac binding, this is only to the operator phone to do to solve the tie. Tip "Verify success", which at least proves that the ADSL bridge takes over, which means that the routing of the Cat's hardware is no problem and one of the 7 sets of parameters is correct, then proceed to the next step.

Log in to the device menu and remove a parameter in the preset PVC parameter that you think is the most "reliable". After you save the configuration, reboot the device, and then use connect A to dial the Internet. Lucky, the one that was removed was right, of course, the dialing would have failed. If you delete the correct one, then dialing from the computer again can be successful. According to this principle, delete a group, save, Dial once, when you delete a group of PVC, the computer dialing can not be successful, then the correct parameter to find out, we call this set of parameters is "parameter C".

Do the operation of Step 1 once (Restore factory settings). or login ADSL No line by the Internet Equipment menu, delete preset PVC parameters In addition to "parameter C" other than the 6 sets of bridge PVC parameters, and then use "Connection a" from the computer dial-up Internet, if the dial-up success. Then "parameter C" must be the ADSL parameter of your carrier (on the line you are testing).

So far you have at least known the true and correct username, the correct ADSL parameters. Use this information to follow the tutorial to configure the routing cat's PPPoE connection to save the restart router. After the normal order of the device: Power green illuminated steady (self-test through)-->wlam light illuminated steady/Flash (Wireless module start)-->DSL light flash (signal sync)-->DSL light illuminated steady (sync complete)-->internet light Flash (try dialing)--> Internet light illuminated steady (successfully logged in)-->internet light Flash (data), this process is different from the environment and equipment, time-consuming in 2-5 minutes. Log in to the Device menu and view the status of the device to see ...

Can see such a picture, only to prove that your routing cat is already routing mode dial-up Internet, he and the Ju-end Internet network has been connected. General situation, terminal equipment (computer, mobile phone, PDA, game host, Wei. Star decoding. As long as the device can be wired or wirelessly connected to the road, they are available online. Note: The NIC of these devices must be set up to automatically obtain the IP address and DNS address.

If the ADSL account password +PVC parameters are verified correctly, 10 minutes still failed to display the above screen, this probability is very small, but also may be the operator from the technical restrictions on the routing of equipment or routing devices themselves have problems. At this time we recommend that you follow the above method to verify the correctness of the parameters, check the wiring hardware connection, again carefully by the tutorial ADSL No line by the Internet. Another place that can provide very useful information is the logging of routers ...

If this is not always successful, save the log records for the router, and then contact us directly to find a solution. General customers think that the Internet is able to see the Web page and QQ chat, which has done even if it can be online, this is a very popular standard of judgment. A general professional judgment is to do three ping package tests. In the status of the network card access: Gateway, DNS IP address, such as the Office of the computer, ADSL no line by the Internet parameters are as follows ...

Typically, the address of the routing cat routing device is the gateway address. DNS servers are assigned by operators. Ping the gateway first, then ping the DNS server, and the final ping resolves the IP address and communicates correctly. The Gateway Ping impassability is the intranet problem, the latter two cases of complex.

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