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The power supply is a variant of the Intel Standard ATX Chassis Architecture, which does not change much in the computer chassis, but moves the power supply position from the original rear corner to the rear corner. It has been a long time since the ATX chassis of the power supply has been placed in place. Especially in the past two years, the power supply chassis in the cooling advantages of more and more users recognized, and even began to have ordinary users want to strengthen the stability of the computer.

The power supply does overturn Intel's earlier ATX Architecture specification for a vertical computer chassis, and there is no difference between the two layouts on hardware compatibility, so why didn't you use this more effective approach at the beginning of the design? Today we are talking about power supply.

1, power supply chassis features power supply chassis of the air duct system also follow the Intel38℃ standard, the most common form has a front of a cooling fan, after the exhaust fan, forming a forward-style horizontal duct system. Computer power as for the rear corner of the chassis, the computer power supply fan from the inside of the chassis suction air, from the rear window to expel heat. When installed, the power supply chassis motherboard location is most closely close to the bottom of the computer chassis, graphics and chassis between the bottom of the space is limited, so whether the use of the open video card radiator or the pump-type video card radiator, this is not the most optimal design.

2, power supply chassis features under the power of more than the current bias players in the computer chassis models such as Whisen production of cost-effective game panel chassis-remit Wisdom Z6. Like this, the forward after the air duct system is still mainstream design, and sometimes in order to enhance the heat dissipation, computer chassis manufacturers will also be in other necessary locations to add new channels. Power cooling fan close to the bottom of the chassis specifically for this opening of the mesh hole, directly from the bottom of the chassis extraction of cold air, heat direction unchanged, in fact, the formation of a separate cooling system, not easy to interfere with the chassis environment. The change of the chassis layout after power supply is placed in the video card is farther from the bottom of the chassis, the graphics fan has a wider space to extract the cold air more easily. Therefore, if the power supply chassis to do the test contrast, the most obvious improvement I am afraid the non-graphics card cooling. Graphics card Thermal improvement is the power supply after the most direct effect, of course, only this point I am afraid is not enough to make the majority of the players are more sought after by the power supply and derived from the new wind road design is more attractive.

3, Intel is not a fool power supply to pay the price

Everything pros and cons coexist, in the computer chassis manufacturer's strong recommendation, the user generally applauded, the power supply is really unassailable? The answer is no, it has a tricky and even intractable problem that is submerged in a halo. When the user disdained to ask a computer chassis why did not use the power supply design, he was not aware of the problem.

In the traditional power supply chassis, the power cooling fan absorbs the air in the chassis and discharges the computer chassis. In the power supply chassis, this suction channel directly points to the outside of the chassis, although the power supply fans can obtain cooler cold air, can direct the external dust inhalation is also unavoidable. In addition, the suction pathway through the bottom of the machine and the placement of the narrow gap between the surface, where the negative pressure will be placed on the surface of the accumulated dust is also a bag of income. This means that if the power supply is inhaled from the bottom of the case, it will be easier to inhale dust than any other place.

The power supply ash problem is not terrible, it is not difficult to clean it. Terrible on the terrible in any one brand no power failure after the shell has been opened will lose warranty, if not open and difficult to achieve clean effect. And the power of the chassis to accumulate dust on the speed is not generally fast, it represents the user's computer power quickly dirty, but also helpless.

4. Disassemble the power supply warranty

Many computer power manufacturers brand warranty will last three years, and the power of the cooling effect, reliability, service life and the accumulation of dust is inversely proportional. You must keep it clean, then there are only two ways to go. Generally after six months or a year after the rest of the warranty to remove the power to clean up, or in the Power Supply fan suction window at the installation of dust filter (most power supply chassis has its own design). Even though the dust screen can degrade the power of the computer, even close to the power supply chassis, you need to pay the price. On the screen, trachoma can cause friction with air to increase the noise of the power supply fan's cutting wind. May originally a very mute power supply, installed the dust screen after the sound of the wind. What's more, when the filtered dust is glued to the filter net, the air is getting lower, and the noise from the wind may be more pronounced. You may still be as hot as a power source, and the only thing you can do is to keep your hands and feet diligent and remove it for a short period of time.

According to the above analysis, the power supply lower chassis than the power supply has a better overall cooling effect of the chassis, this is not to be questioned. But in a long career after a computer has been assembled, the former is obviously less reliable than the latter. The power supply of the host is a need to often care, and the traditional power supply on the host is more able to endure your indifference to it. Intel, as the core leader of the computer industry, is shouldering the responsibility of developing norms for the industry as a whole, and it is not difficult to understand why the power supply is not the first choice for ATX.

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