Advantages and disadvantages of interface weight design

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Before the interface design through the visual and interactive to create a "user's impression of the interface", which is the spiritual level, and heavy design, the difficulty is no less than the beginning of the redesign.

The old-fashioned layout is in urgent need of replacement, but how to ensure the authenticity of the original when adopting the new design? How to ensure that the old user's approval? It seems that fish and bear's paw can not be both.

The first thing to do is the uniqueness of the interface. Must be similar to the same interface, let people know at a glance, this is the XXX application/web interface. That is, there must be an interactive trait and visual style that attracts the user.

Design is a trend because too many interfaces remain in the visual style of 5-10 years ago, and too much interaction between the interfaces needs to be improved. At the same time, heavy design exercises are also the designer to improve their level of the prescription: not only the technical practice, but also help you understand the customer needs, product concepts.

The advantages of the redesign (that is, to strengthen these points when you re designing):

Better navigation performance

If the original interface does not have good navigation capabilities (most of the past design), then the user browsing is not very convenient, therefore, in the redesign, designers tend to focus on the enhancement of navigation function. Let users quickly find information classification, understanding the level of information, better browsing. User guidance, the most important.

Better visual style

Through the different design style, lets the user refreshing. To create a good visual style, this is the core goal of the designer. Re-designed to enhance the visual appeal of the interface through high-definition images, crisp layouts, neat fonts, clear logos, and orderly text.

Better search engine Optimization (Web page redesign)

Not only is the visual style, from the angle of SEO to consider, but also a lot of advantages. Through the redesign, experienced developers will add SEO tags to the page to enhance the site's search engine rankings.

A better sense of design

If your redesign overall looks good, it will attract a lot of people to focus on. Whether it's an old user or a potential user, if they can support your design, it's clear that the redesign is a success and you can find a profit point.

Better match with existing browsers

Many browsers, whether mobile or desktop, adopt new technologies and skins. As a manager, if you do not want to "new bottle of Old wine", then it is best to redesign, so that the interface to keep up with the trend, but also to obtain more browser browsing support.

More competitive

Keep the lead is the secret of innovation, if your product design is too old, you will not be able to maintain the image of the times, users will feel that you are conservative, competitive nature is insufficient. The redesign of the interface will make a difference to the user and realize that this is an innovative company.

Using the latest technology

New technology can be user-friendly, the original design can not use the latest technology, while the redesign can use the latest technology to improve loading speed, improve the visual performance of the page. But be aware of: to ensure stability.

Browsing speed, loading speed, upload speed upgrade

Better user accessibility, faster loading speed, the user will naturally be satisfied.

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