Advantages and disadvantages of WINDOW10

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Windows10 's experience essayIn order to experience the forefront of science and technology, the previous period of time to upgrade the advantages of WINDOWS10: First changed the WINDOWS10 will not go back, 1, the return of the Start menu is the public, but also added a mini menu elements, deserves praise. 2, the search becomes convenient, if you can change the task bar search to the upper right, or point to the display, not point is not displayed.
3, taskbar Added Task View task button, feel very convenient, convenient office and browse the Web, like one.
4, the Input method of the options also become beautiful a few, selected as green, environmental protection Ah, I did not pay attention to win8.1 is not the same.
5. You can open the Web page and open some other applications at the same time, and will provide a good way to handle.
6, when you connect mobile phone and other mobile facilities, the top right will prompt, hint slogan design is very beautiful, of course win8.1 also have, but no win10 beautiful. 7, big drive can be connected to update the installation, this is very good to save a lot of things. 8, general users, third-party security software will not need to Ann, I feel that the integration of Microsoft system is enough. 9, the new found a very interesting multi-desktop function. Win key Tab and then click New Desktop Disadvantage: 1, the most serious, the most impact experience. Occasional, abrupt. Inexplicably, the crash. Well, it's a short time to die, just a few seconds. But it did happen. Maybe it's my laptop. 2, Bluetooth and then search not to find my Bluetooth headset, Bluetooth speakers also can not search. Just show up all the time searching for the device and then no then. 3, open the Store app is not win8.1 to use, and see also move the following scroll bar to move.
4, open the Web page often appear suspended animation phenomenon, of course, win8.1 also appeared, there is clearly already the Web page has been turned off, will also be prompted to say that the Web page accident. 5, Input method problem, Sogou Input method for WIN10 adaptation is too poor. Floating icon is too disgusting, do not turn off the input box will always follow you run. When browsing the web, it's like sticking a piece of shit plaster ... While Microsoft's Input method is 6, can be set not to display the floating icon. However, for the game is too poor compatibility, a word does not display the candidate column. 7, this question. It is estimated that the sound card driver compatibility is not good? Occasionally suddenly the volume becomes larger and then becomes smaller. This problem is less likely to occur. But very annoying later discovered is because the Dolby sound effect will own inexplicable opening off, it should have been open, open the sound better and brighter. But in fact it is always self-inexplicable closed, and then the inexplicable moment opened and then closed (which led to the above said volume suddenly become large and smaller. It should have been loud all the time. 8, the last question should be the software aspect, some software will open the web link. I tried to be like a qq,lol. Clicking on the Open Web page is open with IE. Not with 360, I set the default Web browser is 360, but they do not recognize the web links on the software 360, this should be the software is not suitable for Win10.

Advantages and disadvantages of WINDOW10

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