Advantages of DIV+CSS Website design

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  Advantages of DIV+CSS website design

The industry is more and more concerned about the standardization of DIV+CSS design, to major portals, small to countless personal sites, under the influence of DIV+CSS standardization, web designers have made this requirement as an industry standard. So what is the DIV+CSS standard? What are the benefits of DIV+CSS's standardized design?

Div Full name division means to "distinguish" the use of Div method with the same method of using other tags.

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If you use DIV alone without any CSS, it works the same way in the Web page as it does with


Div itself is a container of the nature, you can not only inline table can also be embedded text and other HTML code

CSS is the abbreviation of cascading style sheets, Chinese translation "Cascading style form", when the homepage is made using CSS technology, can effectively the layout of the page, font, color, background and other effects to achieve more precise control. As long as you make some simple changes to the corresponding code, you can change the different parts of the same page, or the appearance and format of pages with different pages. Internet surfing Whether you're using Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator, you're almost always working with CSS, and Web pages that don't use CSS on the web may not be easy to find. No matter what tool you use to make Web pages, there is an unintentional use of CSS. With good CSS can make your page more conciseness, the same content of the page, some people do out of dozens of KB, and the master made only more than 10 KB.

Advantages of the DIV+CSS standard:

1. Greatly reduce the page code, improve page browsing speed, reduce bandwidth costs;

2. The structure is clear, easy to be searched by search engine, inborn optimized SEO

3. Shorten the time of revision. Simply modify a few CSS files to redesign a site with hundreds of pages.

4. Strong ability of font control and typesetting. The ability to control fonts is much better than a bad font label, with CSS, we no longer need to use font tags or transparent 1 px images to control the title, change the font color, font style and so on.

5.CSS is very easy to write. You can write CSS as easily as you would with HTML code.

6. Improve ease of use. You can use CSS to structure HTML, for example,:

tags are used only to control paragraphs, heading tags are used only to control headings, table labels are used to represent formatted data, and so on. You can add more users without having to build a separate version.

7. Can be designed at a time, published everywhere. Your design is not only for web browsers, but also for other devices, such as PowerPoint.

8. Better control of page layout. Don't say much.

9. Separation of performance and content. By stripping out the design part and putting it in a standalone style file, you can reduce the likelihood of future pages being invalidated.

10. More convenient search engines. Using HTML that contains only structured content instead of nested tags, search engines will more effectively search your content and may give you a higher rating (ranking).

11.Table layout is not flexible, you can only follow the format of Table TR TD. and div you can div ul Li can also ol Li can also ul Li ... But standard grammar is best written in order.

12. In addition, if you are not a master of Javascrput, you may not have to write the ID, only using class can be. When a client programmer finishes writing a program and needs to adjust, you can use his ID to control it.

13.Table layout, the garbage code will be many, some decorated style and layout of the code mix together, is not conducive to intuitive. The div can embody the separation of style and structure, and the reconstruction of the structure is strong.

14. Can be used in almost all browsers.

15. Some of the previous features must be implemented through the image conversion, now as long as the use of CSS can be easily implemented, so faster to download the page.

16. Make the font of the page become more beautiful, easier to arrange, so that the page really pleasing.

17. You can easily control the layout of the page.

18. You can update the style of many web pages at the same time without having to update them one page after another. You can use a CSS file to control all of the page styles on the site, as long as you modify the corresponding line in the CSS file, then all pages of the entire site will change.

Are you interested in this style of design when you see so many advantages? The author in strict accordance with the DIV+CSS design standards to do a news release class of the website program, interested friends can download a detailed study. Address:Http://

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