Advantages of solid-state capacitor on the motherboard

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Solid capacitor is called solid aluminum electrolytic capacitor. The biggest difference between it and ordinary capacitor (I .e. liquid aluminum electrolytic capacitor) is that different dielectric materials are used, liquid aluminum capacitor dielectric material is electrolyte, and solid capacitor dielectric material is conductive polymer.
Where is the solid state capacitor? For those who often go to Internet cafes or use computers for a long time, they must have heard or heard about computer instability caused by the motherboard capacitor, or even the burst of the motherboard capacitor! That is because, on the one hand, the motherboard is used for a long time, overheating leads to the thermal expansion of the electrolyte, leading to the loss of the capacitor, and even caused the burst due to the expansion caused by exceeding the boiling point! On the other hand, if the motherboard is not powered for a long time, the electrolyte may easily form a chemical reaction with alumina, resulting in an explosion during startup or power-on. However, if solid capacitor is used, there will be no such hidden danger or danger!

Because the solid capacitor uses conductive polymer products as the dielectric material, this material will not work with alumina, and will not result in explosion after power-on. At the same time, it is a solid-state product, naturally, there is no burst caused by heat expansion.

Solid-state capacitors are the most advanced electrolytic capacitor products with superior features such as environmental protection, low impedance, high and low temperature stability, high grain resistance, and high reliability. Due to its far better performance than the liquid aluminum capacitor, the solid capacitor has a temperature resistance of 260 degrees Celsius and has excellent conductivity, frequency characteristics, and life. It is suitable for low voltage and high current applications, it is mainly used in digital products such as thin DVDs, projectors and industrial computers.

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