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Visual SourceSafe (VSS) is familiar to most developers.Version ControlTool. It provides basic version control functions and facilitates team collaboration. However, Visual SourceSafe (VSS) is somewhat inadequate in terms of remote control, security, stability, and platform support.SourceAnywhere StandaloneIs an independent version control tool used to replace VSS. It not only has all features of VSS, but also adds some additional features to make it more comprehensive and reliable. This article summarizesVersion Control Software10 highlights of SourceAnywhere Standalone for your reference.

Easy to install

SourceAnywhere Standalone has very low dependence on the system. This means that it does not need to run through a framework, virtual machine or Web server. The system administrator can install and run SourceAnywhere Standalone in just a few minutes.

Easy backup

All data except the SourceAnywhere Standalone service configuration and SQL Server connection parameters is stored in SQL Server. You can use only the SQL Server backup tool or compile an automatic backup script on the SQL Server to complete the backup easily.

Reliable Remote Management

Currently, SourceAnywhere Standalone has added a 'service manager' feature that allows you to manage data remotely.

Complete scalability

As the Team and resource library grow, there is no need to upgrade the hardware frequently, because the full scalability of SourceAnywhere Standalone fully meets your growing needs.

Low bandwidth requirements

Bandwidth is a tough issue when it comes to remote access. SourceAnywhere Standalone's unique technology can reduce bandwidth needs. The optional cache server can further improve the remote access performance and improve the productivity of the distributed development team.

Firewall friendliness

SourceAnywhere Standalone is firewall friendly. You can know your server port or simply use HTTP port 80.

Simple database migration

SourceAnywhere Standalone contains an independent VSS database migration tool, which is easy to migrate.

Better security

One disadvantage of VSS is that it exposes your VSS database file system to every user and grants each user the read and write permissions on the entire resource library, which is extremely fatal. SourceAnywhere Standalone does not need to expose the file system.

Eliminate database analysis and repair

SourceAnywhere Standalone ensures the integrity of the database without the need to analyze or repair the database.

Uniformity of version control tools

SourceAnywhere Standalone can unify the company's version control tools. SourceAnywhere supports Windows, Linux, Mac, and other operating systems.

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