After learning the Three-Section WebCast, I wrote down all the important titles, mainly to understand its role. I will study it again when I want to use it.

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C # Generic:
Problems that can be solved by generics: type security classes can be defined through generics without compromising type security (supported by compilers). Performance (the value type performance is improved by about 200%, reference Type performance is improved by about 100%), or work efficiency;
Implementation of generics: local support is available in IL and CLR itself;
Default Keyword: If you want to return the Default value of the type stored in the stack without exception when the stack is empty, use Default (T );
Generic alias: using name = Class <string, int>;
Generic constraints: when defining generic classes, you can restrict the type types that client code can use for type parameters when instantiating classes. If the client code attempts to instantiate a class using a type not allowed by a certain constraint, a compile-time error will occur. These restrictions are called constraints. The constraint is specified using the where context keyword. Typical error example: if (T1 = T2) // will not complile; because the compiler does not know whether the = Operator is supported for T1 and T2 (the actual type during instantiation. for example, when T1 and T2 are structured;
Derivative constraint;
New () constraints:
Struct constraints;
Class constraints;
You cannot use the reference/value type constraints with the base class constraints because the base class constraints involve classes;
The structure and default constructor constraints cannot be used, because the default constructor constraints also involve classes;
Although you can use the class and default constructor constraints, doing so has no value;
You can combine the on-demand and interface constraints of the reference/value type constraints so that the reference/value type constraints appear in the Constraints List;
Wildcard and forced type conversion; is,;
Inheritance and generics;
Generic method;
Generic delegation;
Generics and reflection;

Partial Classes)
Nullable Types)
Anonymous method (anonymous Methods)
Property Accessor Accessibility)
Coordination and inverter in Delegation
Namespace alias qualifier;
VS2005 code segment function;
Extraction method;
Closed field;
Extraction interface;
Promote local variables to parameters;
Delete parameters;
Rearrange parameters;
Class Designer
C # debugging: Edit and continue;


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