After the 80 s, the boys are not afraid to break into the door when looking for rich women. Features after 80! What do you count?

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With the increasing employment difficulty and high work pressure in recent years, more and more post-80s are seeking for sustenance in marriage. Due to the narrow circle, the dating tide has come back. However, the "post-80" view of dating is more open and open than the predecessors-the AAM system; the first time we met, we went straight

Themes; individual "after 80" for "curve employment" and dating; boys for the house for the car would rather "Inverted door" and other "strange" also began to appear.


SCAN: "After 80"

Strange: the first meal is aa

"The first time we met, it was aa !" Xiao Wei, who was born in 1985, thinks that the name of the "aaos" system is justified: "Everyone is equal. To meet everyone's needs, the natural money should also be paid by everyone, that's no reason. If I am a man, why don't I ask?"

"Show your friends ". In the post-80 s, the AAAS seem to be an appropriate method of checkout. They naturally asked the waiter to calculate the consumption of each person, and demanded a change of zero. At present, the AA system is more like a meal in marriage, and dating and love are naturally not spared.

In the 1970s S, a young man, C, told the Internet about his blind date experience. C paid for the first meal. Afterwards, he began his pursuit of girls, but the girl's attitude made him desperate. c decided to give up, but did not think about the other party, but stepped up the "offensive". Every day, there were countless text messages, asking C to go out: "I am fair to my friends. You used to ask me for help. When will you be free next time? Let me ask you for help or pay you back my previous money!"

PS: I have never thought about it. I 've experienced it several times, but I have paid for it myself ...... You can think about it later.

Strange 2: "sexual fun"

Taking the initiative to attack and go straight to the theme has become the main melody of some "post-80" blind dates. "The first time we kissed each other, we felt pretty good and confirmed the relationship ." It wasn't long before the two crossed the border, but their relationship also ended: "If you don't want to vote, you just broke up peacefully ."

The reporter found that, unlike the old-fashioned blind dates that require family-wide deployment, the "post-80" Blind Date family pays more attention to freedom and privacy. They like individual combat and refuse observation and guidance from others. Elders are surprised that they are "not shy", but they are Frank: "I have nothing to worry about, what to fear ."

PS: The first part is not the same. The second part is in favor of the individual operations.

Strange 3: the blind date is only "curve employment"

Almost graduated, while my classmates were busy looking for a job, Hua Zi was busy with dating. The target was a girl who looked pretty good, worked in Dongguan, and had a strong family. While the students are puzzled, Hua Zi is already in love. Not long ago, Huawei signed an agreement with a powerful state-owned enterprise in Guangzhou. He taught him his experience of "curve employment" without hesitation: "before a blind date, he knew that her family had a certain skill. Otherwise, how could he sacrifice her colors ?" Of course, after finishing work, Hua Zi cut off her relationship with girls. The reason is simple: "separation between two places is not suitable !"

PS: It's a bit powerful, but it's also a closed form.

Weird 4: having an appointment with another house

High house prices have become an important condition for dating. Many "post-80s" even regard having no room as a criterion for dating: "having a room appointment, having no room to get out of bed ".

A girl told reporters that a colleague recently introduced an engineer to her and sent photos to each other via email. The other person looks "rather sorry", but "has a three-bedroom house, first, if you treat me well, you will follow him."

"In the past, feeling is the cornerstone of marriage, and now the house is the cornerstone of marriage," a young man told reporters during his hot days ."

PS: a very real problem that must be faced!

Strange 5: Popular Women buy a car and buy a house

Friends and friends helped Xiao an arrange a couple of blind dates, but he refused one by one because: "The conditions for a girl are too bad. No car or house. Nowadays, popular women buy a car and buy a house. Of course, if the woman has this strength, she would rather beat it. It must be older. But does scientific research show that female, female, and female have a harmonious life? As long as it is a rich woman, it doesn't matter if I am older. I can 'Switch in, 'and I can struggle for 20 years ."

As more and more "post-80" college students become homogeneous, it is increasingly difficult to rely on performance, so "Well done, it is better to marry (marry)", it is difficult to achieve satisfactory work, as a result, finding a good husband (wife) has become the goal of many "post-80s.

PS: First of all, there will be a "feeling". If this "feeling" is there or a rich woman, it will certainly be good, but it is not a good thing if there is no premise, you can't just explain it all your life! Be careful!

Reporter's investigation: What is the "post-80" anxious blind date?

Cause 1: it is better to marry when the job is under pressure.

The "post-80s" dating trend, which is like the Unconventional Style, is making a comeback. One important reason is the pressure on work. "work, eat, and sleep" has become a lifestyle model for many people, there is no time or space to find true love after intense work.

Cause 2: The competition for Female Aging will increase

Compared with the traditional idea of being "Thirty-thirty-year-old", is it too early for the "80 s" to be married or married? "Early has early advantages ." Miss Zhang told reporters, "I don't want to become one of them in the future because of the fact that white-collar women in urban age are difficult to get married ."

Cause 3: parents are still young and can help with children

Li is more economical: "My parents are still young and can help us bring our children. This saves the money of the nanny, And I can devote myself to career development. So I need to find a wife ."

Result: The success rate of fast-food dating is low.

Having time and no time for business operation has become a common problem of "post-80" blind dates. "I have five friends in two months, and none of them are in the same phase. I am full of enthusiasm and have a dead stomach ." A netizen complained. One person told reporters that because modern people prefer their appearance and conditions, once they do not like or do not like to waste time, it is difficult for fast-food blind dates to establish deep feelings in a meal in just one hour, low success rate. Xiao Cai, who has been dating for many times but has failed, said that he is under a lot of pressure and does not want to face the same blind dates after he finishes his work. Therefore, his feelings are immediately over before he starts.

Reporter's Note: marriage is a safe haven and is more responsible

Some people say that the "post 80" is often overwhelmed by too many things to identify their own life direction. They are indifferent, lonely, confused, and especially passionate. However, marriage is not a child drama. You must never get married rashly. If you do not have a serious and responsible attitude towards marriage or have bad motives for marriage, more social problems may occur.

Experts said that the best bond between husband and wife is still feelings, while the AA system, for material discussion of marriage, will dilute the sense of responsibility of marriage, resulting in extremely unstable marriage. As one of the husband and wife loses their post-marital income, giving birth to future generations, providing support for the elderly, and household chores, there are also pressures on instability, retirement, and laid-off work, which may eventually lead to material marital breakdown. The real marriage requires both parties to share various responsibilities and obligations. People's maturity is a learning process, including learning how to love others and how to get love. (Guangzhou Daily)


PS: people after 80 are really difficult!

There are also the characteristics of the Post-80 s. I wonder how many do you have? The color is my choice. It looks like it's still far away!

1. More discount cards than bank cards
The significance of a bank card is to prove that you are making money. The purpose of a card discount is to prove that you are playing with money. We don't want to make any results in our life, just play.
2. No leather wallet, only canvas wallet

The leather wallet is changed for a long time, which means that the color is dark and single, which means that the wallet is more expensive than the money in it, which means that it cannot be used with the mood.
3. the clothing store owner will send a text message to tell you about the new product.
Who else went to department stores, mall, and supermarkets to buy clothes? Everyone must have their own unique clothing orientation and their favorite clothing stores.
4. Long-term drinks of a brand
Pepsi, Coca-Cola, biyou yogurt, afternoon black tea, carrot juice, everything is good, choose one, continue to drink until you see this drink think of you.
5. There is a bicycle that seldom rides but is very expensive.
Small wheel, foldable, Hasan, airwalk, or daheng can be used only for riding in the office. After dinner at most, you can ride 500 meters in the street to buy an egg bag?
6. Have at least one backpack
Do not install things, just to carry.
7. Worried about receiving invitations from formal attire
Without a suit, even if there is, it is often hung in the closet to occupy the place, the most positive clothes are long-sleeved T-shirt.
8. You may not have a TV set, but you must have a microwave oven.
TV basically don't watch, but in addition to the microwave oven to solve the problem of food, there are magical purposes: wash hot water face in winter, wet towel "ding" One minute, done.
9. If you wear glasses, they must be black and flat.
It's no longer the world of golden glasses. Black plastic frame glasses can not only be myopia, but also can be flat, or even do not wear lenses only frame.
10. Never satisfied with your hair style
Hairstyle is not an identity, decoration, or entertainment. Entertainment is insufficient. If you are not satisfied, you can change it. If you are not satisfied with the change, you are still not satisfied with the change.
11. I like Japanese food either very much or very annoying.
Both liking and hate can come from the same reason: Light, beautiful, ceremonial, and Haha. There is no reason, that is, liking, hate, and no medialist.

PS: I have never eaten it. I can't help but think of myself as the first eleven. Isn't it my post-80?

12. You can fall asleep on any surface, except the bed.
Subway and cinema are easy to fall asleep, sofa and desk are often asleep, meeting and writing reports are certainly asleep, but after going to bed, they will always jump up and play games and watch dishes.
13. All electrical appliances do not read the instruction manual
All the people who write the manual are idiots. The people who read the manual are more idiotic than those who write the manual.
14. You must have a condom for your birthday present.
Sex is not sex, it is entertainment, it is a joke, it is a joke. Security was received, but it was not in a rush to use it.
15. Do not drink red wine
In addition to the sour taste and temperament, we choose not to choose red wine, rather drink vodka, Red Star xiao'er is also a good choice.
16. When I went to a 24-hour convenience store, there were more than supermarkets.
We often buy things at night. Where is the supermarket?
17. I often scold Ikea and often go to Ikea.
There are too many reasons for us to get upset, but the color and shape of the things are always deep in my heart.
18. Use self-help services whenever possible
Don't want to wait in the queue, don't want to be called, don't want to waste time, don't want to talk through the glass, don't want to look at people's faces.
19. eat when you are hungry.
Eating is to live, not to eat, whether hungry or not, it is shameful to eat on time, basically only afternoon tea is punctual.
20. Students are the most commonly used names.
For the generation with different naming conventions, only the students can effectively narrow the distance between strangers.
21. When you pass through a mirror reflection area, you must pay attention to your appearance.
Appearance is not only visible to others, but also to make yourself happy. Note that this is not narcissism, it is quality.
22. Cleaning takes at least two weeks.
Let Environmental Health accumulate enough to create a sense of accomplishment before cleaning, do not let fun become trivial.
23. I like to play with children but do not like to have children.
Think about how you grew up. Think about how you haven't grown up, and you can't afford that responsibility.
24. Ignore fashion magazines and read only trendy magazines
Let's look at Elle and Vogue. Let's look at milk, 1626, and coldtea.
25. Never know where your money is spent
In fact, I didn't buy anything, but I lost my money.
26. There may be two mobile phones, but there is no landline
What is the use of landline? Do not tell me that you are dialing the internet.
27. Shut down my birds
Who can tell me why the photo of Faye Wong's child can be sold for 50 thousand pieces?
28. only go to the pharmacy, not to the hospital
I know that it is too troublesome to go to the hospital.
29. I hate being praised for being mature.
Who do you treat as a child?
30. Hate interpersonal relationships
It is best for everyone to work at home. They just go to the office to play table tennis, play game machines, chat gossip and dinner.
31. Do not like Tibet, Lijiang, but Hong Kong
Don't assume that you are poetic. Don't resign, introspect, or convert to that one.
32. Starting from noon in the morning
Our life is quite regular, just a few hours of time difference with you.
33. Do not like drinking, but always get drunk
Otherwise, why? Body fluids?
34. Do not salute, do not smoke
If you love to drink, you can take it if you want to smoke.
35. Have a strange stubbornness
Don't eat something with a face, just wear white so, don't bring bottled mineral water out of the door, look at the fish tank will be in a daze, there is always the same thing that makes you inexplicably stick to it.
36. There is a talk in front of an acquaintance, and there is nothing to say in front of him.
It is not about talking, but about nothing to you.
37. frequent intentional use of dialects
It is fun. The current popular order is ShaanXi dialect, Tianjin dialect, Shanghai dialect, and northeast dialect.
38. Do not wash your feet, just take a bath
Do I still need to wash my feet when I take a bath more than twice a day?
39. There is a reason to have a party every day, except getting married.
The party is for fun, but it is not fun to get married, so try not to have a wedding or a gala wedding.
40. Believe that sense of humor is the root of human beings
At least I have to say something sneer.
41. In order not to stay up late, it is better to stay up all night
You can either go to bed early this morning or go to bed early this evening. Now that you have survived, you can simply get it done.
42. Do not travel on May 1 or 11
It is better to watch a dish at home than to squeeze people.
43. One of my hobbies must be sleeping.
We are not sleepy. We just want to go to bed.
44. I like to watch talent shows and do not like to participate in talent shows.
I always feel that many people are not doing well on their own.
45. Never take photos of yourself during a trip
Rather, you 'd like to shoot a dog from the hometown, or shoot a picture of your clothes on the balcony, or shoot your own shadows on the ground.
46. often disappear
It may be because the mobile phone is broken, or it may be because you get up late. Maybe you just want to see how you respond.
47. Always in a daze
Because I have too many ideas in my mind, sometimes I don't know what I'm thinking.
48. Casual
I think everything is okay, everything is okay, as long as it is convenient and simple, where is there so much time to waste?
49. insist that you do not understand love
You can love and love many people at any time. You will cry but not die.
50. The listening and speaking abilities of English are much better than the reading and writing abilities.
He claims that he is poor in English, but he can basically understand English movies.

51. think that the world is composed of things
I think I have already seen it. It's no big deal. That's what society is like.

52. The more hanging the person, the less he will be.
No one in this world will turn around. No one will take themselves seriously.
53. I despise entertainment newspapers, but I want to go to entertainment websites.
There is a simple morality and a simple look at private desires.
54. Consult with colleagues of the opposite sex to buy lingerie
Underwear is not privacy, it is not sex to buy underwear with the opposite sex. Harassment is fun.
55. The worst comment on people is boredom.
Boredom is an abstract standard. It also gets bored. The key is whether there is nutrition.
56. The best comment on people is cool
The perfect combination of suppression and release is no better than this.
57. I often feel I am old.
New blood always grows up overnight, and you are not sure what to do.
58. Two minutes are usually arranged as follows: the first minute is worship, and the last minute becomes contempt, or the opposite
There will never be a fixed standard. An idol can immediately become a vomit because of a sentence.
59. Never think that others can understand themselves
One's world view, one-child social network, careful loneliness and self-protection.
60. Don't be friends with people over 30 years old, but can be lovers
It is completely impossible to communicate with the elderly, but it is easy to be defeated by the mature experience and broad knowledge of the elderly.
61. Girls who like cool or beautiful boys
Cool clothes for girls and boys are not only not fashionable, but also intellectual problems.
62. I like gossip about others, but I am not surprised by any orientation of others.
Gossip is entertainment, not war. Everyone has their own little pleasure.
63. write blogs, but never make painstaking efforts
Writing a blog to write a thesis is better than writing a thesis. It is better to write a blog to die if it is not fun.
64. do not view posts with more than 500 words
It is no longer a logical world. We can only see this.
65. Become friends and friends
I became a friend because I was eager to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of the network, because I was less interested and could only send emojis.
66. Change the MSN name at least once a day
People who use only their real names as their names starting with MSN obviously do not understand the joy of mood changes.
67. If you do not ask questions, check Google
Give me one minute, and I know as much as you know.

PS: I only look for Baidu. Haha, Baidu cannot find it. I will go to googel. Haha
68. Familiar with the songs of each k-room
The key is the distribution map of Japanese-Korean songs and new songs from Hong Kong and Taiwan in the city.

PS: I like singing, but I am not familiar with it. There is no need to remember it!
69. Fa Hua Chi
Not to express your love for someone with the most violent words and deeds.
70. I don't know what electronic games I don't know.
I have been playing PS2 from an 8-bit server. I really don't know where my blind zone is.
71. movie fans
Buy a lot of discs, watch a lot of movies, and pick a lot of bugs in many movies.
72. I like to play Q & A games.
What do you like? What are you afraid? What songs have you heard recently? Who worship most? Mate selection criteria? Not only for others, but also for yourself.
73. can draw, like painting, or want to learn painting
Fantasizing becomes a mixture of Yazawa and Kochi.
74. Have a favorite cartoon image
Frog army Cao keroro, violent. Li Xiong gloomy, and pandatv Sam. If they are not good, they can collect all kinds of cartoons, but they must not be Snoopy.
75. You can borrow books and never borrow discs.
If you don't want to buy a book, you can buy it. If you don't want to buy it, you can buy it.
76. enjoy watching advertisements
They all have their favorite ad lists, silly ones, and forced them to give up their TV series to watch beautiful ads.
77. keen on studying horoscope
As long as you have a birthday, you can say your character, fortune, and perfect match. I believe this will happen when you fall in love or fall out of love.
78. At least one star who used to be an idol and is ashamed to admit it now
I always think that my dream lover is very dumb now.
79. enjoy low-intelligence film and TV works
There is always nothing to say about good films. Bad films are the source of entertainment and everything is the object of kuso.
80. RnR, RMB, and hip-hop.
Whether or not they are clear about the differences, Jay Chou and November May are always good.
81. The unit and residence are within 15 minutes walk
My life is short. Why don't I spend the time on the road to sleep, make-up, and stay in a daze?
82. Take a taxi, walk, and never take a bus
Taking a bus is completely a survival competition, and there is no need to consume your life.
83. Use boxes for books instead of bookshelves
When you want to see it, you can naturally turn it out, and it is regarded as ridicule by people who boast about it.
84. Each word can be spelled out, but not necessarily written.
Either because the computer is too old to forget, or because the words are too ugly to write.
85. wear shorts to go to work
The units that require uniforms to go to work are definitely not going to work. Work is boring and the only pleasure of not wanting to show clothes is lost.
86. keep buying laptops
I never write on it, but I collect it for good-looking covers and paper.
87. despise office romance
It is terrible to face and walk in and out every day, except to prove that the narrow interpersonal circle has no meaning.
88. Any work is related to computers
Physical labor is not our strength, not to mention the work time of the 20th percentile is also used to play games and chat.
89. I can never find my pen.
Every pen looks like your own, no matter how many pen will disappear.
90. More than one MP3 player
I am bored with the need for music anytime, anywhere.
91. Don't buy iPod
Because it is too big, because the color is too small, because everyone has it.
92. Dynamic Zone
Because there is a package, whether it saves money or not, because you can handle the business online, whether or not you have logged in.
93. seldom make calls and often send text messages
I don't want to use voice or text to communicate, even if it takes more time and money.
94. The keyboard is worn out quickly, regardless of the mobile phone or computer.
It is our expression, entertainment, and lifestyle.
95. Mobile phones are used for selfies.
Like Yourself in various scenarios, colors, angles, and parts, even if you see hidden photos stored on your mobile phone, you are not surprised.
96. There must be chat tools in the computer
It is shameful that computers that are not connected to the Internet should log on to the chat tool first.
97. Do not buy brand computers
Because we need to add memory, change the graphics card hard disk at any time, and do not want to expose ourselves as a computer blind.
98. I like to add peripherals to electronic products.
Products are not proud of themselves. The peripherals used together are their brand names.
99. Change the ringtone on two Monday
Remind others at any time that their ups and downs and tastes are being transferred and new things are discovered. What changes do you have to know.
100. I like it
I like it. Do you need it?


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