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Before the age of 20, most people were the same. They studied at school and studied at school. They set up their own foundations. Complete basic education in the case of influence of parents and friends, social values, and mistaken hits.

When you choose to study, you should be discouraged. When you have not yet entered the industry, How high can you read? After all, when you enter the industry, you are new to society.

However, once you have work experience and are willing to study, there are many channels and a lot of struggles.

Because you do not know your current age, conditions, qualifications ...... Is it worthwhile to invest in further study?

If you believe that you want to work as an office worker for a lifetime, it is very important for you to have a degree. Otherwise, time is precious and you are not allowed to go wrong.

20 ~ At the age of 25, you must understand and plan your own future, and decide that it is a no-regrets Road.

The various powers that have just been granted to you by law shall fulfill your obligations and learn to assume responsibilities.

At this time, you are engaged in a battle of joy, conflict, and pain. Joy comes from the beginning of being granted some autonomy. conflict comes from the endless umbilical connection with your parents. What is painful is trying wrong at the beginning.

You have to start planning your future, such as your education, employment, and feelings ...... Take back your own control of your life, instead of swinging your future in ways that have always been influenced by people.

[Learn interpersonal relationships and meet more active friends. After ten years, these friends will be the backbone of the industry]

25 ~ At the age of 30, you are like a sponge and willing to be squeezed by hard work, just to grow yourself.

At this time, you should be a job orientation and salary. You should be careful about your job promotion. Only when you work hard can you actively strive for it. The power of new people in the society should allow you to rush out of your own days. Because you have no experience, you do not understand setbacks.

Because there are not many resources, everything is done. Now you: get others' salaries, learn others' experiences, pay for your youth, and build your own future.

[Learn to accumulate experience and contact opportunities. The support of mentor and mentor is a great tool to improve your growth]

30 ~ If you are 35 years old, you must learn how to judge and master opportunities.

At this time, you should be career and family orientation, and work should be converted from physical strength to mental power.

What you should see is the vision, not the current situation. You are facing a broad life, not limited to yourself.

Marriage is the first major choice for many people. In the face of marriage, many people think that marriage is the end of their responsibilities, but they do not know that it is the beginning of learning.

Just like some newly-listed companies, they thought they had achieved their goals, forgot their corporate responsibilities, and ignored their own businesses. Rather, it is the beginning of a nightmare.

A person's own business is not to manage his/her own family. His/her purpose of making money is not to give his/her family a better life. However, this cannot be an excuse to ignore his/her family, even if he earned the world, he only received a round of applause. There was always a gap in his life.

Home should be your greatest spiritual pillar. Power Sources and strong backing!

[Time management, change the mood; convert the mind to work, do not use the body to work]

35 ~ You are 40 years old.

At this time, you should be an enterprise orientation, work is just a kind of leisure, but also can be converted into responsibility to others. If you focus on research, you should not only have to spend your whole life.

You should have set up research institutions to lead a group of people to do more research and development.

If you are an Enterprise Supervisor, you should not only stay in your camp, but also take care of it. You should be able to take the lead of the employees and family around you and lead them to enjoy a better life.

The size of the pattern affects how much you achieve. Be an influential person, not an affected person.

[No matter how beautiful you are currently. Are you able to draw ten years later in your mind ?]

Meditation! All our current efforts are aimed at our parents, our other half, and our children ......?

Work should not be the same as life, and should not be a matter of life.

What is your motivation for working hard?

I believe no one is willing to give up anything.

These are the driving force for our young people to move forward.

Ten years later, did you finish it early? Or give up early?

[Do not lose your dream because you are busy with your dream]

I think there are too many excellent friends around me who are several times better than me. Unfortunately, I spent more time, energy, and resources, but did not enjoy the price I deserve, for no reason, make efforts in the wrong direction, find the wrong opportunity, and reject the opportunity.

It is difficult for Jordan to find his own stage on the baseball field after playing basketball for a lifetime. Don't let busy people blind your eyes and look back: cheap, cool?

[Your time is there, and achievements are there]

When you succeed, you only enjoy the happiness of one person!

Knowing how to share and pay, the true happiness comes from the improvement of friends and friends around you, whether spiritual or material.

The true success comes from the fact that friends and friends around you have improved their performance and hope for success.

We are not doing charity, but we are not capable of spreading the universe. However, we can make full use of our own power to meet friends and friends, and to strangers who have a chance to meet each other.

Reach out your hand and when they need it!

Too many people are waiting for noble people in their lives. If you are smart, why not help others first?

"Some people are 4 or 50 years old. They also like to say that they are from a certain famous school. I think it is strange that they regard their years as the peak of their lives, in fact, when he leaves the school, he has begun to go downhill. "

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