After the stock high day volume trend, the relay wave, the quantity limit breakthrough form

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first, stocks appear after the trend of the day, high-level days after the amount of what will happen? from the tide of thousands of years of Bo finishing integrated

The so-called super strong Zhuang stocks, nature refers to the ability to continuously pull the stock. The premise of our judgment is: strategic low----------------sky? Into the ground? for in the trading before the emergence, has been a continuous rise in the stock, not judged by the list, because this stock, the trend after the day is often narrow escape.

Judging conditions:( The key is to focus on the next day trend )

1, The long-term in the low, that is, there is no continuous spike, short-term in high, that is, the previous trading day closed , and no huge volume.

2, a certain day, the low level of flat pull up, pull out of the limit, before the day, the number of consecutive trading for 1 to 2 trading is better, if the number of consecutive limit before the amount of more than 3, unless the share price experienced more than 1-2 years of long-term downturn, otherwise outlook is not optimistic.

3, days of the day, the change of hands than the previous trading days significantly enlarged.

4, the daily closing price, to limit the closing for the best, large high (more than 5%), followed by a long upper shadow line small Gao (0% above, 5%) again, a long upper shadow line small low (2%) for the most time, the sharp decline in the closing rate of more than 2% for the dangerous trend. However, the closing price is not decisive factor, because the long yin, long upper shadow line is the main use of the washing method, and sometimes even if the trading close, but also the main lure, according to the following the most critical 5th to judge.

5, heaven or the important criteria for entering the ground-the day after the appearance of the second day trend:

A, if the day after the stock price high open, or open, slightly lower after the rapid large pull up, to limit the closing or the rally close, then the future is very optimistic, the price of the sky; if the stock price is very low, and cannot pull up quickly, the day low, then the stock price into the ground.

b, compared to the day, the contraction of the increase is good; how long after the volume, stock price rise.

key points: Days after the next day of the trend, often indicates that the main force is in the washing tray or in the shipment. If it is a high-level washing plate, then the future space is very large, the likelihood of becoming a large bull shares.

Below We use some examples to illustrate, first look at some positive cases:

Guang Sheng nonferrous (600259), this period of time the first bull stock. The distribution of two arrows refers to the trend of September 9, 2010 and September 28, 2010, the change of hands are significantly enlarged, the second day trend is quickly high, not low or close.

Integrated into the Fly (002190), the arrow is the trend of July 8, 2010, the same day to change hands 41%, accept trading; the second day high Open high walk, shrinkage , then the price of the sky.

One bridge seedling industry (002447), the arrow is the trend of August 3, 2010, the same day to change hands 37%, take the jump empty Yang small, the second day after the opening of the rapid high, then the price of the sky.

Sea King Biology (000078), the arrow is the trend of September 8, 2009, the same day to change hands 43%, the long upper shadow Line, the second day after the low open quickly, then the price of the sky.

Hippocampus shares (000572), the arrow is the trend of January 12, 2007, the same day to change hands 21%, close to the limit closing, the second day high after the rapid pull high, then the price of the sky. Note that this is a special case, because the previous 4 consecutive trading, and then can rise, because the stock price has been consolidating for more than 2 years.

Tibet Mining (000762), the arrow is the trend of January 13, 2009, the day of change 11%, significantly larger than before, receiving the Yin line , the second day after the opening of the rapid high, then the price of heaven.


Rhine Creature (002166), the arrow is the trend of June 2, 2010, the same day change hand 37%, collect the Yang line, the second day shrinkage consolidation, but the stock price is not low open, not low, then the price of the sky.

Lotus msg (600186), the arrow is the trend of November 19, 2009, the same day change hand 22%, than before the obvious amplification, trading close, the second day, the spike fell, but not low, followed by 3 trading. The second day of the volume continued, although there were 3 trading, but also restricted the share price continued flying.


Lawton Development (600209), the arrow is January 6, 2010 Trend , the same day change hands 33%, collect jump in the Air Yin, the second day small low open quickly after the high, then the stock price of heaven.


Wave Software (600756), the arrow is the trend of April 3, 2009, the same day change hand 21%, trading close, the second Nippei opened quickly after the high, contraction limit, then the price of the sky.

then look at some of the negative cases:

Deep World A (000023), the arrow is the trend of November 26, 2009, before the share price has risen continuously, the day changed hands 23%, trading closed, the second day sharply low open and quickly hit low, After the volume fell, stock prices fell all the way.

The same is deep world a (000023), the arrow is the trend of February 17, 2009 , the day of Change 29%, trading closed, the second day significantly lower open more than 7%, and unable to rush quickly, after several trading days, the share price fell sharply . Even if the stock price rises after one months, the short term is also a failed transaction.

Salt Lake Group (000023), the arrow is the trend of July 28, 2009, the day of Change 31%, the long upper shadow Line close, the second day sharply low open and quickly hit low, Stock prices followed.

The new century (002280), the arrow is the trend of August 12, 2010, the same day 49%, trading closed, the second day slightly low open, but not quickly pull up, the Yin line, The shares fell for a few days thereafter.

Bo Shen Tools (002282), the arrow is the trend of July 21, 2010 , the day of Change 19%, the big Sun Close, the second day small low open and can not quickly pull up, the Doji star fell, After that the stock price flat, failed trades. Tatsu Real Smart (002421), the arrow is the trend of September 9, 2010, the day to change hands 39%, jumping empty small yin close , the second day sharply low open and can not quickly pull high, only in the disk to pull high, the damage to the stock of the larger, even if high, and then the share price fell all the way.


Sheng Lu Communication (002446), the arrow is the trend of September 3, 2010, the same day change hand 42%, long upper shadow line close, the second day small low open after low, followed by the stock price all the way down.     

Smart Light Electric (002169), the arrow is the trend of March 4, 2010, On the Day of Change 24%, Long Yin Low, the second day low after the low, followed by a few days after the stock price fell.

second, the trunk of the high-level days after the form: above said the strong Zhuang stock and in the high-level put the day after the trend, but there is a situation, that is, the high-level days after the stock price within a few days, flat shocks, at this time, the trend will be a number of horizontal plate in several cases:

(a), It is common for the stock to fall after a few days flat;

(ii), after a few days flat prices began to rise, these days flat will constitute a trunk form;

(c), continue flat, build a platform.

in the case of (i), (iii), it is not a good condition for participation, and both cases will be accounted for in most proportions. in the second case, we analyze the value of subsequent participation. for the number of flat after a small upward form, the strength is insufficient, may turn down at any time, we do not pay attention. Since we choose to do super-strong high-power relay form, then the flat number of days to pull out the limit of the breakthrough is worth attention, for the subsequent pull out of this form of trading, we defined as "limit relay." "Two plate clamping yin" is a minimum level of the limit relay.

So, are all the trading trunks worth participating in? To "limit relay" to lure more of the situation is very much, "limit relay" after, is to lure more, or become super strong Zhuang stocks and continue to rise sharply, need special attention "limit relay" after the next day's trend:

1, there is a gap, large-scale high, the most powerful features, and then a large upward space;

2, open the vacancy and large-scale high, or low opening, flat after the rapid attack, and large-scale high, secondary strength characteristics, and then upward or to create a new rising trunk;

3, slightly lower open, flat after closing between -2%~+4%, and then create a new relay or fall;

4, large and low after the low, slightly lower open, flat after the fall of more than 2%, then the fall may be very large;

"Limit relay" any day after the occurrence of the amount of days, according to the first rule above to judge.

It is important to note that many stocks will fall after the high-level flat, so do not blindly think that the flat will form an upward relay, thereby intervening in the flat. Only "Limit relay" formed after the stock, is worthy of concern about the strong stocks, then participate in the conditions in accordance with the above 1, 2 kinds of situations to participate in, 3, 4 kinds of risk situations, not worthy of participation.

for a super strong Zhuang stocks, in a certain degree of rise, and constantly build a new limit relay, is a common way to clear the float. However, super strong Zhuang shares are only a small number of stocks, and with the sharp rise in share prices, the trend will gradually weaken, therefore, the operation of such stocks, always pay attention to the evolution of the trend.

Let's take a few examples to illustrate:

Three, strong Zhuang stock Volume limit breakthrough form analysis

Let's start by defining several concepts in this article:

Trading Breakthrough: The first limit, before No limit;

platform: No rally, no plunge, in a shock platform or slow rise in the form, platform days at least 30 trading days or more;

Volume: Not to change hands to determine the size of the plate, the activity of the stock of different, decided to change hands of the different. We unify to the quantity ratio as the standard, the quantity ratio is larger than 2 volume; the amount of the Day: The ratio is greater than 4; Shrinkage: The volume ratio of less than 1.5 can be called a contraction, very mild;

Future: A few days of short-term, rather than medium-length.

For the reduction of the limit of the platform of the stock is not good to say, this is a good form, the future usually look high, unless the future of a day to release the volume, followed by the trend, according to the first to judge (see the next day trend).

below we talk about the form of volume breakthrough, need to pay attention to a few elements: ( breakthrough to the volume with the gap is better, the next day to shrink the gap is better )

1, the pre-platform, there are several times and volume trading day almost amount of energy to be good, dimensionless can be combined for the second;

2, the breakthrough of the amount of energy: volume is good, the number of days followed;

3, Breakthrough day Gap: There is a gap for better, no gap for the second;

4, the next day volume can: Shrinkage is good, volume second, the number of days again;

5, the next day gap: There is a gap is better, no gap for the second;

6, follow-up trend, there are gaps, shrinkage is good, no gap, volume for the second. If the breakthrough after a day is the amount, according to the first article to judge (see the next day trend). To judge the future.

For example, the strongest trend is the amount of pre-peak coordination, a large increase, volume trading, followed by continuous "a word board." The most dangerous trend is that the pre-platform capacity can atrophy, a day of the volume, no gaps in the breakthrough, the second day without a gap volume, this form of short-term narrow escape.

The following example illustrates:


Attention: Gap, Volume, limit wave

In the bull feast, a wave of trading waves is connected. How to seize the limit wave, is nothing more than "power" two words. The turning point of any trend is actually the turning of strength and energy. "Force" and "quantity" always complement each other and transform each other.

The so-called "force" is the strength of the trend extensibility, the Gap represents the strongest force, there is a breakthrough pattern is the most strength

and "Quantity" this thing, but very complex, it is different from the technical indicators, there is no fixed standard, in different time, space, the meaning of the representative is not the same. For the limit wave, the amount is not deceptive, the volume is the most deceptive. How large the low-level, how much upward space, the number of days after the succession to continue to rise, the upward space is at least the number of relay days to the previous volume of two-thirds, high-level discharge, adjustment time and increase in proportion.

There is a huge amount of trading on the Waves

One wave after another.

The amount of sky below the gap is set,

momentum such as the Rainbow Mountains and rivers strong.

When I see a pinch, I look up,

Dare to drive the sun to shoot the day wolf.

high-level huge shocks,

retired into the name.

After the stock high day volume trend, the relay wave, the quantity limit breakthrough form

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