After the students tease girls, the instructor's classic comments

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First grade:  

Put off your pants in front of the female students, and the female said they were teasing them!  

Instructor quotations: " Hooligans are not terrible, so they are afraid of hooligans and culture! So you have to study hard and strive for it every day. " Culture, knowledge, knowledge, and talent " Four have hooligans! "

Second-grade primary school:  

Beat female's ass!  

Instructor quotations: " Don't beat her, Don't scold her, use feelings to torture her! It is the highest level for girls. You must strive to improve your taste. "

Grade 3:  

When I touched my face, my face was caught by my girl!  

Instructor quotations: " Love is precious, the price of life is higher, leaving the mountains in the dark, not afraid of burning firewood! Remember to cherish your life and stay away from beautiful women! "

Grade 4:  

The girl's hand was rejected, and her learning score plummeted!  

Instructor quotations: " There are tens of millions of Chinese children. One cannot be changed. What you don't get is one of spring.   Flowers, the whole spring still belongs to you. Don't lose heart, you have to fight and defeat! "

Fifth grade:  

No, no!  

Instructor quotations: " Boys are not rogue, and they are not developing normally. You are still being played by girls. It seems that you must participate.   Physical exercise, enhance physical fitness, nothing to the teacher's house to wipe the glass, drag the ground is also good! "

sixth grade primary school
I fell in love for the first time, bad mood!
instructor quotations: " the old one cannot be new, where to go down and where to climb up, nothing to go online to see mediate your mood "

first-year junior high school
the guy on the bus accidentally topped the girl's ass and was suspected of having a small steel pipe in it!
instructor quotations: " "

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