After watching the hammer mobile phone announcement will live

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Two years ago, Yonghao said to be a cell phone, I felt a little ridiculous. A teaching English to make phone, this is too unreliable, and at that time he was fighting with the Ark son, at that time felt is speculation.

Recently, the announcement of the hammer mobile phone in micro-Bo is not small, very much from the media, the Internet industry people are forwarding micro-blog, attention to the announcement of the hammer mobile phone. A lot of people are singing, including me. At the beginning, and did not intend to watch the live video, open micro-blog, very many brush screen. Simply went to see the live, a look on it can not help, the whole announcement process, I did not drink a mouthful of water, so that my mouth skin are dry. I have to say, Lao Luo speaks crosstalk ability, very good, black, and self-deprecating is also just to merit. Some of the stories are also very moving, and the hardships of a start-up company are also very impressive, and for a company with ambitions and ambitions.

For the software display, the personal feeling is very humane, to conquer a part of the user's sore point. Hardware design, can also be seen out of the heart contains the front screen, rear screen, charging block. can give the mobile phone enthusiasts some practical solution.

Price. I feel like a mishap. When he said 3000, and I watched live with the students, are feeling a bit expensive. Today, the price of Android-made mobile phones in the market, no other manufacturers dare to do so. Indeed exceeded expectations. 2000-2500, I expect to be a more easy-to-accept domestic mobile phone. Of course, Lao Luo's mobile phone also has some special, I expect to some hundreds of completely can ignore of people, these are not problems. So this is not a mobile phone for the general public, not to mention the existence of a 1999 MI phone.

Lao Luo said: " I am not to win or lose, I am serious." I'm still very appreciative of that. His cell phone details of the control is still in place, can adhere to today, is also very great, can face such a great pressure, in a year to show the mobile phone, but also let people admire.

He also exceeded my expectations.

After watching the hammer mobile phone announcement will live

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