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I think of a few words occasionally.

1. Software is a service
Whether it is a project or a product, as long as you are a software engineer, you still want to treat the software as a lifetime Pursuit of career Instead of making a living, let's take a good look at how to use software to serve life.
When we think of this, everything is relieved, even if we may suffer a lot of grievances from our customers, what should we do? The service is like this. We have done a good job for ourselves.
2. Kiss = just keep it simple, stupid
Lao Tzu's moral scriptures contain five thousand words, which reveal the vast universe and have a wonderful life. The so-called "wise and wise" is simply a philosophy.
Unfortunately, most of the time we are doing this for the sake of value, for the sake of architecture, for the sake of model, and for the sake of "simple...
3. Effective communication
Most of the time, we do not have to communicate, but "do not communicate ". Even if a lover or husband and wife lives together every day, they often sigh "you don't know me at all. The test of effective communication is not only a test of work, but also a big test of life.
(I wonder if you have found it much harder to communicate with your other half than at work ,;))
4. Continuous feedback and Improvement
Criticism and self-criticism. Make a little progress every day.
Fortunately, I am improving every day.
5. People-oriented
"One center, one basic point ".
I always thought this was true for everyone, especially the leaders. Only recently did some things happen to know that this is not the case. This is not really used for singing. You are still singing this song. Please select another one!

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