Agile Development Scrum Management

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Project Preparation Phase

1, the product manager will split the whole project into different separate modules, each module as far as possible to self-contained. For example, the login registration module of the app, not just login to register the two interfaces, but to integrate all the requirements related to this piece. The effect is that the user can use this function directly.

2, the development team according to the requirements list, do workload estimates and arrangements.

Development preparation phase (each iteration is a sprint)

1, the project technical director to build the project framework (high-level framework requirements), and the iteration from the overall aspect to refine.

2, the project member according to the supervisor's arrangement, refines each person's work and the completion time, the concrete way is as follows:

The show is planned solitaire, and its role is to prevent the project from being led by some people during the development process.

How to use it? For example, a programmer to develop a function, it takes 5 hours, B programmers think it takes only half an hour, they each take the corresponding cards, hidden in the hands, the final showdown, if the time gap is large, then A and B can discuss a why 5 hours ...

Development programming Phase

1, standing meeting (time according to the number of strict control), each person to say three words, do one thing

Three words: Yesterday I did what I need to help me what to do tomorrow

One thing: Update Burndown chart ( include unfinished, doing, completed work status, everyone's work progress and completion is public, if there is a person's work task in a certain location for several days, everyone can find his work progress what happened to the problem

2, to do daily integration, every day to have a successful compilation, and can demonstrate the version.

Project Small-scale iterations

1, the development team to the customer or the project leader a weekly package of documents, so that they always know, development progress, while the technical Director also reported this week need to help solve the problem. Weekly project supervisors need to keep track of the progress of the project and adjust it in time.

2. Review of the meeting. After an iterative version is completed, the project members will take turns to speak, summarize and discuss the improvements, and put them in the next sprint version

Agile Development Scrum Management

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